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Reading a book is better than any vacation.

Let me say that again. Reading a book is better than a trip to the Caribbean ocean, better than a ski trip in the mountains, and better than an extended stay in a Tuscany villa.

Okay, I cannot endorse that last part of that sentence because I have never been to a villa in Tuscany.  But I can tell you from experience that almost all of those situations can be made better with a good book and, in some instances, the book can actually be better than your reality at said places. 

I consider myself an avid reader. Although, like most other avid reader mamas, things sometimes come between me and my love for reading. Things like laundry, baseball games, birthday parties, and, oh yeah, my full-time job.

At times (well, most of the time) these things make me put reading on the back-burner. Even so, here are the reasons that reading is better than a vacation. 

1) Compared to ANY vacation, reading is cheap. 

You can find books in used book stores, borrow them from libraries or from your friends. You can even sell them back in some cases! Compared to spending crap-tons of money on dinners out, flight tickets, gas to get there, etc. a book is a pretty cheap break! 

2) You can have multiple experiences in one book. 

Have you ever been on a vacation and before you know it, it is day 3 and you are over whatever it is you are doing? Maybe it has rained 3 days in a row at the beach. It may be possible that when you booked your ski vacation you forgot just how many years it had been since you actually put all that gear on.

A book vacation is amazing because you can live in the moment. You can read a book about a foreign place and learn things about it that you may never have learned if you had actually visited the place! If you are reading a fiction book, you could be in some new and uncharted place. The book could be set in space! There are so many experiences available from a book. 


3) Books help inspire further learning. 

Okay, maybe you are not buying my whole, “books are better than a vacation.” You could possibly be seeing through the fact that maybe I am just a sad mama who couldn’t afford a fancy vacation this year.

You got me.

The thing that I try to explain to my husband, my students and my own children is this: if you read, you are better at life. If you read, you are a better writer. If you read, you are improving your vocabulary. If you read, your world is so much more colorful than if you don’t. For adults and kids alike, reading can be an amazing and wonderful escape from each and every day. So, in my book, that makes it better than any vacation! 

How do you inspire others to read? 

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