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Moms are supposed to do all the things.

I thought this for a long time. That all the “good moms” were good at everything. That to be a good mom meant learning to be able to do all the things, and that one day I would “arrive”.

Nope. Not gonna happen.

Now after over 16 years of being a mom, I have finally become okay with the fact that I’m not good at all the things. No one person is. No one person is expected to be.

I am, however, responsible a lot of times to provide all kinds of things for my children. So I have learned a new skill.


Unashamedly outsourcing and delegating.

Oh, how much happier life can be if you practice the principle!

Identify the things that drain you or the areas where you feel inadequate or the projects that there are just too many of for you to do by yourself .

So many of them can be outsourced to professionals, children, husbands, neighborhood children that want to make money, or even friends that just love you and are good at the things you’re not. Here are just a few of the things that I have learned to outsource, at least some of the time:

  • birthday cakes
  • makeup for a dance contest
  • ironing
  • work projects (videos, creating graphics)
  • cleaning the house

Sometimes it’s about just having too many projects to do them all and delegating some to other people without feeling guilty.

Then there are things I stink at, like understanding and applying makeup. Lucky for me, I have a daughter that knows a lot and loves to watch makeup videos and a friend that understands the art of makeup and can help (while laughing at me).

My 15-year-old doing “dance makeup” for my 12-year-old before a twirling contest.


Moms, you will never be good at everything.

Do the things that you do well. Work on the things where you struggle but you can’t or shouldn’t outsource. (Some things are hard in parenting, but you are the parent and you can’t shirk certain responsibilities and have to dig deep. )

But for the rest…learn to outsource. Use your network. Your friends, family and people. Pay your kids or the neighbors. Let professionals handle the stuff that absolutely sucks the life out of you. Make trades with friends.  

Outsource and don’t feel one single ounce of guilt about it. Realize that you are making yourself a happier person and giving your family the gift of your best self AND the things that they need as you delegate to others.

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When Katy was 20, she married an Aggie that grew up in the Amazon jungle. She and her husband are full-time missionaries and lived for two years on a small island with their then-toddlers. Now she is a SAHM of three living in Lindale. Her husband travels internationally a good bit and she spends most her time being taxi to their 15, 13 and 10 year olds to their bazillion activities. She started a blog, Pieces of the Story, to tell about some of their adventures. Her favorites: Jesus. Cooking food her family loves. Mother-daughter shopping in either role. Organizing and logistics. Mexican food on rainy days. Not great with: Crowds and motion in tight spaces. Board games. Pretending of any sort. Ironing or sewing. Living things other than people. Check out Katy's blog here at


  1. Yes! This!! It’s been so important for me to identify the things that I’m honestly just not that good at without guilt!

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