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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rms full of laundry, my purse barely holding onto my shoulder, I instinctively kicked the dryer door closed. The boys were waiting in the car and I found that I did not have enough hands to get myself out of the house and into the awaiting car. So, like an octopus, I used my extra appendage (aka “the leg”) to get things done.

Motherhood often leaves me thinking, “Do I look like an octopus?”

I only have two hands, not eight, and there is just so much I can do with those two hands. Mothers catch on early that God also gave us two legs and these legs can help us juggle life’s demands. 

Doing dishes and hands too dirty to close the refrigerator door a kiddo has left opened? No problem! Just use a free leg to shut that sucker closed.

Hands full of groceries and a can rolls out? Not to fear! Use your extra appendage and kick the soup can to the door. Problem solved! Making up your child’s bed and your foot hits toys stashed underneath? Let out a growl and then smile because this is his way of “cleaning up”. Then use your leg to sweep all of the toys out from underneath the bed in a power move that releases all frustration. Sounds simple, right?

The truth is, while I often think having more hands like an octopus would be an awesome Mom Super Power, God made us with two hands for a reason.

I have not figured out the exact reason quite yet … other than the fact that it might look odd. Here’s the thing: we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Keep on using those legs, Mommas, and don’t forget that while we are fierce, we have human limitations. I’d much rather be a human mommy to two healthy and strong boys than an octopus any day!


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Amanda and her husband live in Lindale where they are raising their two full-speed-ahead boys. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Stephen F. Austin and is a former 5th grade Reading teacher. A lifelong learner, Amanda has returned to her roots. Writing is her passion and therapy. It is in her bones and she loves every moment of it! Amanda is a southern gal who loves all things girly: the sparkle of new earrings, the glamour of a perfectly red lipstick, and the pain in your foot after wearing new heels to a smoldering outdoor BBQ (true story). She has proclaimed to be many things: an old soul born in the wrong era, a land-locked mermaid, and bull in a china shop. A book lover since she can remember, Amanda indulges herself in the smell of freshly printed pages and can’t stand the stench of an old book… she wonders “who else has touched that book and what images did they conjure up as they read the very same tale?” This thing is for certain however, Amanda is a mother who believes in the power of Faith, dreams, and imagination. One of Amanda’s most favorite quotes by Erin Hanson gives wings to her dreams: “What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?”