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One year my son was one of the thirty Red Power Rangers dashing door to door on Halloween night.

Once I painstakingly liquid-stitched white ribbon up and down a tiny black tuxedo for Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice, Beatlejuice!

But usually the ease and creativity meet in the middle.

It may be the minimalist in me, my DIY aspirations … let’s say my resourcefulness, that makes me enjoy taking pieces straight from their ordinary closets and transforming them into a costume for a night.

Overalls + raffia  = Scarecrow

Black dress + $2 witch’s hat = Witch

Denim on denim + a red bandanna and a little flexing = Rosie the Riveter

Flannel shirt, worn out jeans + faux fur pelt from Hobby Lobby = Werewolf

Red shirt + Khakis = Jake, from Statefarm

Maybe try a little harder than Jake from Statefarm … I’m not sure that one will hit the mark still; they may be mistaken for a small Target employee.

But if your daughter has a yellow dress and an umbrella, I will give you kudos for trick-or-treating with the Morton Salt girl.

A black dress + white felt to craft a faux collar = Wednesday Addams

Striped suit + papier-mache punching-balloon head = the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington

If you’re not inspired by their wardrobe, the linen closet can usually supply the materials for a classic ghost or mummy … just don’t expect that sheet to serve it’s intended purpose again.

Halloween is more than an evening to wear a costume. It’s an opportunity to be creative and stretch our imaginations.

So maybe before you invest in that cookie cutter costume and lose your child in a sea of Fortnite characters, try raiding the closets.

But mama, I won’t judge you if your daughter is one of the twelve Princess Jasmines at the trunk-or-treat. I get it; costume choice isn’t a hill worth dying on! 

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