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Diaper Rashes….

UGH! It’s so sad when your little one gets a rash. I know every time my little one gets a rash I feel like a horrible mom. Which I know is crazy, but I can’t help it, it’s just so sad! You feel bad because-maybe you didn’t change their diaper in time, or maybe you gave them something to eat that their tummy didn’t like, etc.
BUT, with a little time and some basic steps you can help your little one recover from and maybe even prevent some future rashes!
diaper rashesAs a mom of 3, I feel like I’m FINALLY getting a good rhythm. So I want to share with you my top 3 tips on how to avoid diaper rashes and then all my favorite products for treating a diaper rash fast.

How to Avoid a Diaper Rash

Change their diaper frequently. A mom of four taught me this trick before I had my first. She said that she always changes her baby’s diaper right when the baby wakes up, and then right before you put the baby down. I have followed this advice for every kid and it is so simple, but so smart! Then, once they get older and have longer wake times, I usually change the diaper at least once during wake time as well. Changing right away is especially true for dirty diapers. It’s just not worth trying to save a diaper by stretching a dirty diaper for a little bit longer. When any of mine get a diaper rash I can almost always trace it back to a bad poop. Picking out diapers that don’t cost you an arm and a leg can really alleviate that feeling of trying to stretch each diaper to save money. Hey, I’m all for saving money, which is one of the reasons I’m currently loving All Good Diapers. You can find them at your local Walmart for a really competitive price! Plus, for every box of diapers you buy, All Good will donate a day’s worth of diapers to a family in need through Feeding America.

Do your best to prevent diaper rash by looking for diet related issues – lots of pooping can lead to a diaper rash quickly. Are you nursing? Adjust what you are eating for a few days to see if maybe something you ate is causing them to have an upset stomach (this is how I found out my daughter can’t handle gluten!). Are you using formula? Work with your pediatrician to try out different formulas to see if that helps them out with tummy problems leading to lots of diaper rashes.

Sometimes sensitive skin from their environment can create the perfect environment for rashes. Have you checked out the ingredients in your lotions, soaps, DIAPERS?? My first one had really sensitive skin. We had to switch everything we used on her skin over to all natural (or as natural as we could go) ingredients. We were constantly on the look out for affordable diapers that took out all the bad stuff. It really is crazy how much bad stuff is in diapers! But All Good Diapers has done a great job with taking bad stuff out that many companies use to make their diapers – latex, parabens, fragrances, and elemental chlorine bleaching. So we have been using this brand on number 3 this past month and I’m really impressed with the quality of the diaper, the price, and the ingredient list! Related – How to start going low tox at home (tip 1 is all about how bad fragrances are!)

Ideas for Treating Diaper Rash

Even if you follow all these tips, diaper rashes can still happen, sad but true. So when they happen here’s some basic treatment ideas for general rashes. If you are concerned about any rash your child has, always contact your medical professional immediately.

First, try letting your little one walk/crawl around without a diaper for several mins after cleaning up. We like to go outside where they can air out and if they pee it just goes into the grass vs a rug or carpet.

Next, I use a barrier cream like A&D or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (both can be found at Walmart). I like to use the A&D cream when the rash first starts appearing (the healing one) and then I use Butt Paste towards the end when I’m trying to keep diaper rash from coming back.

Finally, change your baby’s diaper frequently when battling a rash! Every time you see that little line change colors, change them and put on new cream. Yes, you might go through more diapers for a few days, but getting them out of wet and dirty diapers as soon as you can will really help their rash clear up.

And as a final note to you (and maybe ME), you are NOT a bad momma when this happens. Just follow these basic steps above, call your doctor, and do your best to comfort your little one. You are doing great momma!

Have you ever had success with clearing up a bad diaper rash super fast? Let us know your secrets in the comments!

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