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The time when your body is constantly changing is probably the hardest time to “love” your own body… am I right?! 

Insert pregnancy. 

Pelvic shifting, back being sore, your growing bump getting heavier (which can throw your whole body off). And then if you’re like me, you do it several times in a decade, which makes you officially crazy! 


I’ve been through it four times, and now I’m on my 5th pregnancy…7+ months in. 

Can I be honest? Even though I KNOW what’s coming, it’s hard each time to accept the changes. 

I’ve been everywhere from an XL+ to a size Small in pregnancy… which is a huge range for this mom who usually wears a size 10. 

When your clothes don’t fit, and you cry over your skinny jeans…. and your boobs change suddenly and now you are dreading having to go figure out how to buy bras with multiple toddlers in tow…. whew, it’s a lot being a mom


Here’s what I’m trying to remember this time around, and encourage you to remember, Mama:

  • It’s okay to need help.

It’s not “weak” to have a friend watch your kids so you can sleep. Or bring a meal, even when you had something mentally planned for dinner. Take the breaks, thank the Lord, and use that time to put your feet up. 

  • Every single pregnancy  is different.

This is a different baby than your last. That means a different pull on your body, and different needs to grow and nourish this growing child in your body. You might have to spend more money on your body this time around, like I am…. and that’s okay!!! You would literally do it for your baby if you needed to when they are OUTSIDE of your womb, so give yourself grace while they are inside your womb also. 

  • This won’t last forever.

It seems to drag on for a lifetime some days, but you won’t be pregnant forever, no matter what the memes say! You will be able to get your energy back, though it will take some work because #motherhood is hard. PS. Ask your midwife, doctor, or mom tribe online about what helped them with postpartum time. I’m learning about herbs that I pray will help with all the emotions!! 


  • Emotions are ALL over the place when you’re pregnant

And that’s normal. Crying is okay and it can help relieve stress. Realize your emotions are worth protecting, so this is an excellent time to NOT absorb everyone’s problems. I will even say, “Hey, thanks for sharing, but I can’t take on those emotions right now.” 


  • Take care of your body

–Get a massage.  (psst Mercy Touch is my all time favorite) 

–Go to the chiropractor. Seriously- even if you have never been before. All that stress about baby being in the “optimal position for birth?” A good adjustment can do wonders!!

–EAT plenty. This is where I’m personally struggling…. and when you don’t eat well and you’re growing a baby… it’s not pretty. Blood sugar drops are scary, y’all! So are mom’s mood swings… so I’m working on eating frequently the rest of my pregnancy. 

I found a good carrot/orange juice (freshly made) at the Fresh by Brookshires store in Tyler, and that’s helping me get my body started in the morning. 

Don’t freak out if you have no energy to cook. It comes and goes, and again… it’s not forever!! Use that time to order with a delivery service, like Instacart, or Wal-Mart pickup. 


  • Dark Chocolate helps

Really though. (especially good dark chocolate like the Lily’s brand) Apparently it has magnesium in it, which makes everything more comfortable and calm.  (why did I not figure that all out with my first pregnancy?!)

I keep a stash in the top of my fridge, and that has helped so much when my mood swings come in full force. 

Add a warm bath with epsom salt and Lavender EO, and it’s golden. 


2 things you need to survive pregnancy:

This “Si belt” on Amazon, which is basically a fantastic little back brace belt….

I’m going to use it after this baby comes too!!! Best part is it’s cheap.  STEAL! 


Magnesium butter

I love the “Pain and Inflammation” one from Qadosh Creations (she’s local). For my oily moms, it has Copiaba EO in it… which is my most used essential oil. Rub 3 tsp a day on- I put it on the bottom of my feet, my bump, and then over my legs or shoulder/back, whatever is sore! 


Are you pregnant now? Comment and let me know how far along you are!

What has helped you “love yourself” in this pregnancy??

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  1. Ahhhhh thank you for sharing this today. I had a total meltdown last night over how uncomfortable I am! I’m 28 weeks due beginning of August with our third.

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