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My daughter will be two in May. Long-gone are the days of buying or making a cake and everyone just showing up to celebrate.
I’m four months out and I am already making my lists for decorations. Every year, I say I am not going to stress about the party, and then I do. Here are a few things I have learned over the years with three kids:

 You are the most critical person you will ever meet.

Sure, your child is happy you are giving them a party! They love being around their family and eating cake! Trust me, this is right about where their caring stops. So as long as you have something sweet and some familiar faces, your baby will be happy. Stop beating yourself up that you didn’t buy birthday favors. Stop worrying that the space you have is too cramped. The guests are there because they love your child. End of story.

party planning

Don’t buy into all the social media hype!

Heck yes, those event-planner bloggers throw some awesome “Two-Cute” themed birthday parties! That is part of their livelihood. They present party planning for a living…so of course ALL of their pictures look amazing.

Unless you are an event planner, you need to relax with your need to make your cake table look just like theirs.

They probably have no budget, a lighting crews, and unlimited help (one person’s job is to make sure each balloon stays at 78.9% inflated at all times).  Mama, these are not real parties. These are staged photos used in order to sell a product! Your balloon arch looks just fine.

Keep it simple.

Working yourself to death to make sure everything looks and tastes perfect is exhausting. Keep everything as simple and stress free as possible! If you are crazy the whole time the party is going on, trying to deal with tedious little tasks, you are missing your child’s excitement. Buy or make simple decorations. Have some food catered or only have finger snacks. Let things flow away from you that require too much worry. Be present and make sure you are in all the pictures with your family! After all, nobody wants to look back on their childhood party and say, “Oh, mom wasn’t in any of these pictures, she must have been doing the dishes.

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