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We live out in the country, have pine needles on the ground instead of grass and a multitude of projects “in the works” outside at all times. Between hunting, fishing, hydroponics, and wood working on our land, the yard tends to basically reflect that those things are happening and more. 

I noticed this last week. By the trash.

Which is overflowing and full, so we are also having to use the “old metal cans”. And there are also big pieces of plastic by the trash pile. The whole situation is one of the low points of the yard. And yet, this. 

Did we plant this? Not that I”m aware of. I have no idea when or how these flowers came up. They are so pretty, but there is really no point in having flowers like this in a yard like mine. They aren’t in the location I would have chosen and I would have planted more. They are random and unplanned and unexpected, but that makes them even more lovely. 

Right now, life is chaos. We don’t know what to expect, and it feels like the world is spinning out of control. Most of us are either panicked, anxious or at the least a bit grumpy!

During this pandemic I encourage you to look for the flowers in the trash pile.

The beautiful little patches of pleasant among the chaos. Maybe it is a lovely moment that happens in your extra family together time. Or observing a “recovering hoarder” give their extra baby wipes to a mother who could really use them. 

This is life right now. This is happening. It is messy, sometimes ugly or scary, and extremely complicated. There is no picture perfect scene in real life.

But then, amidst the things we can’t control and didn’t want, the clutter we can’t seem to sort out, the personal loads we bear…up comes a patch of beautiful purple flowers. 

My yard and my life (even apart from a pandemic) will never be featured in Southern Living. It will never be all rosy and pristine. There will always be a trashcan in the background, and a mess around the corner. If you come over for dinner and the table is set beautifully, you can almost be sure that I gathered up piles of things and threw them in the other room before you got there.

But still, there are beautiful moments, tiny spaces of lovely and sweet little patches of flowers.

Don’t miss them this week. Glance at them for a little longer. Choose to remember more of the lovely and less of the gloom. Savor the beauty among the mess, even when it shows up in the most unexpected places.  


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Katy Payne
When Katy was 20, she married an Aggie that grew up in the Amazon jungle. She and her husband are full-time missionaries and lived for two years on a small island with their then-toddlers. Now she is a SAHM of three living in Lindale. Her husband travels internationally a good bit and she spends most her time being taxi to their 15, 13 and 10 year olds to their bazillion activities. She started a blog, Pieces of the Story, to tell about some of their adventures. Her favorites: Jesus. Cooking food her family loves. Mother-daughter shopping in either role. Organizing and logistics. Mexican food on rainy days. Not great with: Crowds and motion in tight spaces. Board games. Pretending of any sort. Ironing or sewing. Living things other than people. Check out Katy's blog here at https://katypayne.wordpress.com


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