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If stressing and worrying about random things were a college degree, I could CLEP out of the entire master’s program because I am a master worrier. April is Stress Awareness month. It couldn’t just be a day, because then we would stress about not having enough time to be aware of our stress.

As a mom, I feel like stress has just become a part of daily life.

I stress about my kids, husband, dogs, plants, weather… I think you get it. 

The winter months make me stress more. I usually have a harder time managing depression during these cold, dark days. The darkness coming sooner in the day and the lack of sunshine on my skin add to the harder days. Moving into spring always makes me happy and I feel more goal oriented. The blooming flowers and brighter sunshine make me want to refocus my goals and start planning fun outdoor activities.

I like that April is Stress Awareness month because April is when I feel more awake and less stressed than the previous winter months. 

Ways I try to minimize stress: 

I am all about self-care activities like pedicures, a bath with candles, or a quiet cup of coffee, but making a routine seems to be better for my soul. Getting a pedicure with friends is great, but finding something I can do weekly or daily seems to make a bigger difference for my mental health. Even though exercise is the first to go when I am feeling overwhelmed, it is truly the best thing for my mental health. I always have more energy and feel so much better when I don’t make excuses and get my daily 30 minutes of movement. Listening to my favorite podcast (My Favorite Murder) and crafting are also my relaxation go-to.

I say no…. saying no is the best thing I do for myself. My personality wants to help everyone with everything, and I find myself saying yes to way too many things. My plate is too full most of the time, so saying no has been the best thing I have forced myself to do.

Don’t freak out about the unknown until it becomes more of a reality. The unknown is a scary thing, and trying to plan for it can be stressful and overwhelming. I try and keep the unknown where it is and not think about it.

Accept all the help offered. You just can’t do everything by yourself, so if someone offers help, take it without hesitation.

Take this month to truly reflect on yourself and figure out where you can let go of some stress and what truly makes your soul happy.


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