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women's soccerTo be completely honest, from the beginning I knew next to nothing about soccer, but you better believe that I have followed this team of strong, passionate women in the FIFA World Cup. I followed because I saw that these women were not only fighting for the win on the field, but off the field as well.

They are speaking out about equality, sexism, and equal pay issues.


Did you know?

28 women from the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) sued the U.S. Soccer Federation in March for discrimination. In 2019, the female National Soccer Team is getting paid a significantly lower amount of money, traveling in lesser conditions and have less training opportunities than their male counterparts, and in this instance, are outperforming them tenfold. After the final game of the World Cup was won, the fans chanted “Equal pay! Equal pay! Equal pay!”

The USWNT believe in themselves and are speaking out about not only issues affecting them, but others in America. These women backed up their words with a performance for the books. They aren’t just talking about it, they are working hard both on the field and off. 

Now that the World Cup is over, this group of women continue to fight the fight. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish off of the field since they clearly showed the world what they can accomplish.

It is nice to have real life, female superheroes for boys, girls, men, and women to look up to. There is someone that looks like me that is performing at a level that will be featured on a sports poster and discussed on ESPN. I am thankful to still be able to find role models in this world for me and my kids to look up. 

If you have not seen this Nike ad it is a must. Get ready for the goosebumps. It is powerful!

“I believe that we!”

Congrats USA Women’s Soccer! Job well done!

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