Amazing Teachers and the WINNER is!!!


teacher contestAND THE WINNER IS….

We had the privilege of meeting Ms. Valerie Brooks in person and presenting her with a basket full of local goodies!  This was truly a small token of our appreciation for her and the many other AMAZING TEACHERS in East Texas.

Amazing TeacherValerie Brooks~

“What a difference a year makes! Last year, my daughter was constantly in trouble, wasn’t interested in reading, had issues making friends, and came home defeated everyday because her color had been changed (oftentimes for minor reasons that just added up). She was And this was in kindergarten! Fast-forward to this year with Mrs. Brooks. My daughter is THRIVING! Mrs. Brooks called me the sixth day of school to tell me the interventions she had already put in place so that my child could have the best year possible. I got off the phone crying tears of joy and relief…maybe my daughter wasn’t destined to be a failure at school! This year has been wonderful in so many ways. Mrs. Brooks consistently sees the good in my daughter, and has turned what could be challenges into positives. She channels my daughter’s extra energy and creativity into supplemental video and music projects, let’s her earn her way back to a “green” color if she’s had a bad morning, and talks things through with her instead of immediately resorting to a color change. Her kindness, gentleness, and genuine love for my daughter have caused her to flourish socially and academically.”

The Amazing Teacher Nominees

Mrs. Ishmael-

“Mrs. Ishmael is a special education teacher at Lindale Early Childhood center. She has children in her class that all have very different needs and learning styles. Mrs. Ishmael is very passionate about her job and it shows in the love and care she provides to these students including our daughter. Sophia has gone above and beyond to ensure that our child is learning to the best of her abilities. She has tried many different techniques and also has tried different ways of testing our daughter in order to see what all she is retaining in the classroom. Sophia is beyond patient with all of her students while also setting a standard of behavior for these children. She, along with the staff at ECC, are committed to providing an environment of inclusion for her students among their peers. The display of love and care she shows these students has not gone unnoticed. All of the students at ECC follow her example of care for these special abled students, and I know that this impact she has had on their life will leave a lasting impression of compassion for others. We are honored and blessed to have been able to be apart of Mrs. Ishmael’s special education program. We will always cherish everything she has done to help our daughter succeed in and out of the classroom. Thank you for considering her for this honor.”

Mrs. Alden-

“Mrs. Alden was my son’s first grade teacher last year at Rice Elementary and deserves to receive this award. It’s always nice to have a teacher that keeps you up to date on your child, but even better, Mrs. Alden took a personal interest in my son and his hobbies and goals. She would often text me to let me know he was doing ok, and even came to his baseball games. In fact, Mrs. Alden continues to come to his baseball games even after he moved on to 2nd grade. I know she went through a loss in her family last year and was very hurt, but you would never know it in the way she pours herself into knowing her kids and their families. She is a great asset to Rice Elementary and we appreciate her so much!!! It’s so awesome to know that these teachers really care about your children and who they are instead of just helping them get through the year.”

Ms. Vanessa-

“Vanessa is an excellent piano teacher. She knows how to bring out the best in each individual student and she goes to extra lengths to provide opportunities for her students to compete and perform and to push themselves to play better. She not only teaches her students how to play piano, but also includes music theory and provides opportunities for her students to take theory tests that can lead to scholarship opportunities. Vanessa is truly dedicated to being an amazing teacher!

Mrs. Walters-

She goes above and beyond to help each of her student succeed , she stays late to help them reach there goal, she uses different methods to help them focus or concentrate. She makes each child feel as if they are the most important. Great communication with parents. So sweet and compassionate. My daughter started out this year at BR level reading in 3rd grade and now has scores in the 660’s which is where she is suppose to be and I really feel that is because she had such a wonderful teacher. I have had two other kids that are now in high school but never have I felt a teacher was more deserving.”

Mrs. Rhodes-

“Mrs. Rhodes has gone above and beyond for my daughter and all of the kids in her class, recognizing that children each learn differently and fostering that to help them reach their full potential. The evidence has been in my own daughter, who has gone from spacey and unfocused to dedicated and excited to learn. Her grades have significantly jumped, when just at the end of the first semester it was unsure if she would be able to be promoted. Now she loves learning! And what kindergarten student comes home excited that she learned that Sam Houston was the father of Texas? The kids in Mrs. Rhodes class, that’s who! But beyond just the academics, she’s a very outstanding citizen as well, caring deeply for her students on a personal level (like my daughter living close to the recent tornado damage in Canton, where it must be driven by to even go to and from school everyday, further adding to the trauma and storm anxiety). She cares so much to be able to help her, utilizing the skills learned during the equally traumatizing Van tornados just 2 years ago. I can’t rave about this amazing teacher enough! I hope she wins!”

Ms. Jaster-

“Ms. Jaster shows each child in her care love all day long. She tirelessly works to make sure that each child’s educational, physical, and emotional needs are met while maintaining an attitude of joy. She has been the perfect match for our daughter’s first year of school and we are ever so grateful for her.”

Ms. Ricker-

“Ms. Ricker has taught my son to love school and love learning this year. Our son has amazed us with his knowledge of important people in history such as Helen Keller and Martin Luther King. She has taught him to be confident in himself and his abilities. He has become an amazing reader this year and it’s because of her that he has grown leaps and bounds. She treats all of her students with love and respect and I have been so impressed with her this year with my son.”

Mrs. Brower-

“Mrs. Brower goes above and beyond helping her students and sharing her love for teaching. She loves each of her students past and present and it shows in her actions. She is so very helpful and organized, which we really appreciate. It makes for a smooth transition from school to play knowing what to expect from 1st grade. We love her!”


We were so excited to receive all the nominations and honestly, we wish that we could award each and every one of them!  Teachers, THANK YOU for all you do for our kids!!  It doesn’t go unnoticed!



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