To Our Moms on Mother’s Day


I can pretty much speak for all of our writers when I say that after we became moms, we realized more and more about what our moms were for us and what they still are in our lives today as we parent our own children.  Today, several of us want to take a moment to share something our moms taught us or did for us that has made an impact in our lives as moms and wish them a very Happy Mother’s Day!


Alli and LisaI learned the most important things in life from my Momma. First and foremost,  “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”‭‭(Luke‬ ‭10:27‬) And next, she always said that the best job ever is being a mom and staying home with your kids. She was right!  I’m glad God blessed me with such a wonderful Momma.

Lisa S.

IMG_5532I treasure my mom for all the years of love and sacrifice she has given.  She has always been my biggest fan in life.  She has the ability to see the positive in any situation and easily forgives.  I know that as a young mother she sacrificed her own happiness and desires to provide for us and never thought twice about her choices. Selflessly loving me and my sister, she has shown the ultimate example of a mother’s love. I can not express enough my gratitude for her and my hope is that one day my children will see the same in me.

Jana M.



11351359_10205098981087650_5725757109905886359_nMy mom, Vicki Clark, has taught me much throughout my lifetime. But one thing I will always love about her and something I have always appreciated is how she prays continuously for our family. Growing up as a child, I remember sleeping next to her (for way longer than I should have, but hey, I was a scaredy cat!) and I would try to talk to her before falling asleep & she would say, “Shhhh! I’m praying.” So I would wait patiently for her to finish and then we would chat. She prayed then and she still prays for me now. And she prayers for my children and my husband. And my sister & brothers. And their families. She is one of the strongest women I know and I fully believe because she is a prayer warrior. I love how she has taught and instilled this into me and am proud to be her daughter for this and many other reasons. Her love for the Lord and heart for our family is incredible. Love you, Mom! Thank you for praying me through.

Traci D.

wwrldI need to pick 1 thing that I treasure most about my Mom.  WOW…that’s hard!  I treasure my mom and everything about her.  She has taught me how to be the mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend that I am today.  In my life’s current circumstance,  I treasure that my mom taught me to rise before the rest of the family and get my p’s and q’s together mentally, physically and spiritually.  If you have ever read Proverbs 31 that is my mother.  This is a very practical thing I love about my mom, but I believe it is key in me being the wife and mom I need to be on a daily basis.  I am able to get up before my husband and children and spend time with the Lord.  I also have that time to get everyone ready for their day and to plan out our meals.  We currently have 5 children.  4 foster.  The question I am most asked is “how do you do it?!”  and I always respond, I get up early and plan ahead and have the best husband in the world.  Thank you Mom for teaching me to get up and take care of myself so that I can then take care of my family.  You have always been a great example of this!

Katherine C.

13128898_10209398623067109_1037086579_oIt’s hard to put in to words the way my mom has impacted my life. When I was young, she trained me to be a good person, teaching me responsibility and manners. When I was a teenager, she sat up late with me and guided me as I dealt with the big questions in life–who am I? What path should my life take? Should I date that boy or break it off?
As a young wife and mother, my mom was there for me any time I called with a question. “Should I be worried about this fever?” “Should I call the doctor about this rash?”  But she was wise enough to tell me to go off on my own, live away from my family of origin just enough that my husband and I would grow into our own family, our own identities.
Now, in my thirties, my mom is one of my dearest friends. She gets my jokes. She knows my personality like no one else. I can brag on my kids to her. I can count on her insight and advice still, but most surprisingly she asks for my advice and insight too. She’s still my mom, but so much more than that now. There’s a mutuality to our relationship that I never expected.
Raising three daughters of my own, my relationship with my mom gives me a great hope for the future. I dream of the women they are becoming and the friendship that will blossom between us as they mature. I can’t wait to see that develop. And I know they’ll grow to see their Nonni as a unique and interesting friend, too!

What a beautiful, wonderful gift!

Christina M.

My mom and I walking through Claude Monet's garden at Giverny, France.
My mom and I walking through Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny, France.

My mom and I went to Paris and Rome together. In France, we toured Paris in taxis underneath the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower and rode bicycles to Monet’s garden. We counted the angels painted on the walls and ceilings of the palace of Versailles. In Rome, we leisurely strolled from our hotel across town to the Trevi Fountain in the middle of the night. We took a cooking class in Tuscany and examined expensive, fresh black truffles, still in a paper bag and just delivered by the truffle guy and his truffle dog. In Florence, we walked across the Ponte Vecchio and through the gold markets, eating the best pistachio gelato in Italy. We walked across the beautiful floors of the Vatican. We stood on the grassy lawn at the foot of the leaning tower of Pisa, wishing we had thought to bring a picnic lunch. We ate at a seafood restaurant on a bluff in the middle of Cinque Terre. This was, of course, before I had kids. But still, I talk to my mom every day. Even though she lives in Dallas and my family lives in Nacogdoches, my kids see her every morning. They sit at our table and talk to my mom via FaceTime on my computer. Her face is the same size it would be if she were sitting at the table with us. Sometimes they talk. Sometimes she just watches them eat. But always she is right there with us. Thank you, Mom, for walking with me through the amazing things and, also, the everyday things.

Katie B.

13148157_10209398837872479_1443975629_oAs I’ve looked back over my growing up years, I realize that I didn’t appreciate my mom for all that she was.  I’m pretty certain that this is somewhat normal.  But it wasn’t until I became a mom myself, that I realized the unbelievable roll that she played in my life and honestly the roll that she still plays today.  My mom is one of those people that does things well and if it’s not a strength, she’s willing to learn it or at least try it.  I fully believe that a major lesson I learned from my mom was to just go for it and enjoy the trial and error.  We didn’t talk much about failure around our house, not because we were good at everything, but because it was more about lessons learned.  She never taught me that I had to be good at everything, but she did encourage me to give it a try.  She has taught me to love fiercely and with much grace.  And out of the overflow of that, it has taught me how to be passionate about the things I love in this life.  Mom, thank you for believing in me and teaching me about motherhood!

Beth B.

IMG_2898My mom taught me to stay focused on Jesus at all cost. When I was young, she had a very extensive Madame Alexander doll collection. She had about 80 dolls displayed in several cases that took up most of a room. It was a hobby that she enjoyed and there was nothing wrong with it in general. But at some point she felt convicted that it had become too much of a focus in her life. She chose some of the dolls that were keepsakes to be passed down in our family, but sold over half of her collection and quit researching and buying dolls. This was one of the many times that she showed me the importance and priority of her relationship with Jesus. She modeled that if we stay focused on him, he will show us what obedience specifically looks like for each of us.

Katy P.

image1 (4)Mother’s Day always brings a flood of emotions every year.  My mom passed as I was graduating college. I think about all the things that she would have enjoyed being a part of in my life. Although I didn’t have her around for the majority of my adult life, I undoubtedly have been shaped by her influence in how I parent my own daughter and how I love others. You see, there was never ever a doubt in my mind that I was loved by my mom, and it wasn’t because she said the words fifty times a day. It was in the being there in every moment I needed her. Being present in conversation. Always directing me to think on positives (I know this wasn’t easy as she was quite the worrier). Reminding me that we were always going to be ok and that we were strong. Believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Putting herself second to everyone else. She was my biggest protector, cheerleader, and friend. I’ve never known anyone else as selfless as she was. She treated her kids in the classroom or at our church in the same way, it wasn’t just reserved for my brother and I. It was real, genuine, and sincere. For that example I’m thankful, that I know what it means to truly love others as we were fully intended to do!

Meredith B.

These are just a few of the reasons we are so thankful for our moms.   Tell us a reason you are grateful for you mom and be sure to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!

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