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Dear Working Mom,

First off I hope you know how important and amazing you are! I have been a stay home mom for 15 years now. My sole focus has been grocery shopping, bottom wiping, dinner making, bank depositing, bill paying, spill cleaning, kid taxi-ing, and play date scheduling stuff.

This month I started working part-time for the business my husband and I own. After 4 days, all I can say is WOW! I have woken up at 6, actually put jeans and mascara on and left my house by 7:45 am. I’ve  worked a few hours, only to come home and still do part of the list above.

And I am whooped! I have a whole new level of respect for those of you who wear the career and mothering hat. You never know what other people’s shoes – or hats – feel like till you try them on!

One question I have is: Is it normal to struggle with meeting my family’s expectations?

We have 3 birthdays in the summer, all of which fell during this month I started working.  I have had no time or energy to plan, cook, invite friends, you know… all the birthday things.

Usually our summers are filled with swimming, Splash Kingdom, friends over, family projects, and games. But I am just exhausted by the evening time and feel bad when all I want to do watch a movie – by myself! Ugh!

Through this experience, I’ve been reflecting on motherhood and working moms, and I wanted to write and encourage you on why motherhood is so important.

My husband used to tell me he would say a prayer when he pulled in the driveway every evening. He would pray,

“Lord, I’ve had a long day. But please fill me with the energy I need to do my most important job.”

I’ve found myself praying that too. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking what I do at the office is more important than my job at home. But that’s not true.

Mothering is the most important job on earth.

Our kids often have funny ways of showing it, but they want our involvement in their lives. And whether they want it or not, I believe they need it! Statistics prove home life sets the stage for how our kids handle the rest of their lives.

I’ve heard it said that everyone will leave the house with baggage.

Our goal as parents should be to limit the baggage to a carry-on item. But doing so takes intentional effort.

Technology today tricks us into thinking life should be easy. We think we deserve to have an answer at the touch of a button and if life’s hard, well, there’s an app for that!

But the truth is that life isn’t easy. Life is hard. It’s messy. It’s awkward. And no amount of money or toys or apps will make all our problems go away and all of our dreams come true.

This is why mothering matters!

In the little years, our kids need us to protect them from the evil and ugly things of this world because they can’t protect themselves.

Then as they get older, we can’t protect them as we did. They have to see some people have evil intentions and we need to protect ourselves as a result. We tell them how we lock our doors so someone doesn’t break in the house. We talk about filtering what we post on social media so information isn’t used against us. We talk about trust and how people have to earn our trust, not because we don’t love them as a person but because trust is like a bridge over a pond that’s built slowly and carefully. Build too fast and you risk falling in the water. Build too slowly and, well, you’ll build relationships slowly.

Who’s going to teach your child these things?

You are. You are the best person for the job no matter how unprepared or imperfect you may feel.

So dear working mom, as you clock into your job each day, remember that what you do at your desk is important.  But the little eyes who watch you when you walk through the front door at home matter more.

Raising kids who will walk into life with one carry- on baggage versus carting endless checked bags starts with us. May we never forget how important our role as mom is. You are irreplaceable!


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A native East Texan, Julie Steck struggles with captious thinking and can fear one wrong decision will permanently ruin her life. Through the grace of God and the love of her husband she has learned to recognize the voice of fear in her head and not let it have a vote, freeing her to enjoy life’s choices. Julie met her husband Adam on the banks of the neighborhood trailer park pool where Julie worked as the pool attendant, and Adam obviously needed swimming lessons. They never looked back after that first day and married two years later at the ripe old age of 18. Today they own Southwest Steel Buildings in Mineola while raising their 3 kids, Caleb, Mackenzie and Zach. When not writing, Julie enjoys date nights at Wasabi, supporting overseas missionaries, staring at the mountains in Colorado and remodeling their kitchen over the holidays. To find out more, you can check out her book No More Secrets: Set Free from Fear, Shame and Control by Discovering True Grace or follow her blog at