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internetI have a love hate relationship with the internet and social media. I’m sure most of us feel this way. It can be a lot. Like a whole lot. But a few weeks ago I started thinking about the love part more. It can’t be all bad. There’s always a “silver lining” if you will.

Disclaimer: I know full well that there will be parts of this that will swing to one end or the other of the pendulum so just take this at face value. Please.


Here are some things that I am currently loving….

Learn Something New

I love that we can learn new things with the click of a button and a simple search. For example, I work on both a PC and a Mac. I know how to do certain things on each but sometimes it doesn’t convert well or at all! I need to use a “snippet” tool on my Mac. I had ZERO clue how to do this. I did a simple question search and a you tube video taught me how! Simple as that! I learned something new that day!

No getting Lost!

I remember in high school and college going on several road trips. The internet was new so I was still using a good old Rand McNalley to get me where I needed to go. BUT we were starting to be able to put in the addresses and you could print out the directions and take them with you. It was so cool that it was printed out and took me right to my destination….until it didn’t. Traffic, construction, etc. You distinguish know til you got there. NOT TODAY! We have incredible apps that tell us all this in a quick search! I love this!

Shop Shop Shop! (EVEN LOCAL!)

This has been the best thing in 2020 when we couldn’t go into stores as much. While I think I saved money too, I do love that businesses can show you inside their stores because of the internet. I repeatedly watch a small town local business sell out of items simply because the owner does a “fashion show” on IG and FB. And it’s local! Sure, I do love a quick Amazon Prime order, but nothing thrills me more than to be able to still support local small businesses via the internet!

The Socials

While it’s been a tough, heavy year on the social channels, I do love that it can be a space to encourage AND ask the occasional poll questions from my friends via the internet! Believe it or not, word of mouth is still a thing and the internet has expedited that process! True connection is hard and the internet can sometimes make you feel that type of connection. It can be a weird thing for sure, but how cool is it that you can know the day to day, the good and the hard about people that don’t live near you. I’ve watched people rally around families in the midst of adoption, through illness, through pregnancy, through playoffs and holidays AND A SNOW DAY. While the internet can sometimes make us impatient with the “slow” things in our lives, it has brought us together for things that we don’t want to miss! Heck, I was able to keep my job because of the internet and being able to work remote! That’s not bad at all!

I think the quote, “There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.” (Michelle Gomez), is pretty spot on. I think the internet is a good thing, but sometimes we all just need a break. A detox. A fast. I appreciate it more when I give myself some boundaries.

Tell me this….what do you love about the Internet these days?
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