My Bachelor Friend | East Texas Moms


My husband knows I have a standing Monday night date with my bachelor friend.

It’s good for our long-distance relationship.

Some girlfriends have The Bachelor viewing parties, some just catch up on each other’s social media. Some people won’t admit they watch the ‘reality’ romance and others refuse to watch the quest for the rose at all.

But, unashamedly, I DVR it weekly to start it an hour later so that I can watch it with my friend in another time zone.

We pick our favorites. We discuss the drama; the red flags. We laugh over the mishaps and cringe-worthy moments. We speculate how it’ll all turn out.

But as much as it’s about the show – it’s not.

Relationships aren’t always easy to maintain even within the same zip code… nevertheless with states between you.

This way, for a season, most often for two hours – sometimes three hours a week, my focus is on talking to my friend and her focus is on me.

We text back and forth, a lot about the show but a lot about life too. It’s time we’ve set aside to check in and catch up. The show sparks memories we can share and conversations worth having along the backdrop of mindless tv.

At the surface level we’re watching The Bachelor together but in actuality we’re prioritizing a friendship that would be easy to neglect.

Maybe you need a bachelor friend.

Maybe your friend lives right down the road but you need to set aside time to check in and talk. Maybe The Bachelor’s not your show, but another one can be.

This Is Us isn’t your show either; find one your can take your eyes off the screen for and not have to text through tears.

Whatever it may be, find the time to maintain those relationships that matter.