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I’m not sure why TikTok’s algorithm decided I, the indoorsy girl I am, needed to see some magnet fishing videos but I’m glad it did.

I was born and raised in a small coastal town that’s big on fishing. I’m married to a country man and raising three outdoorsy boys. All signs might point to me enjoying the sport and hobby but no, that’s not for me.

Magnet fishing though, that caught my attention. Pun intended.

No touching slimy, scaly, squirming creatures – this is more my speed.

Sport meets treasure hunt meets environmental conservation meets possible cold case solving hobby!

Truth be told, I watch a lot of Investigation Discovery shows about solving true crimes and when I saw someone on Tik Tok randomly pull an old gun out of murky water I wanted to do that!

I clicked over to Amazon and found a $13 magnet with enough force to pull 500 pounds.

My husband secured it to a long rope and as family we headed to a small bridge on our country road to see what this ‘wild idea momma had to try’ was all about.

With my first cast, I flung the whole rig in the little creek!

Trial and error, people. There’s a learning curve of course anytime we venture out to try new things.

Thankfully it was retrieved; we had a laugh and we now know, leave plenty of slack in the line and hold on tight.

We took turns throwing the magnet out as far as we could and slowly dragging it in.

It didn’t take long before there was resistance on the line.

Curiosity peaked; guesses were made, none were accurate. There’s no telling what’s beneath the surface.

Our first catch – a trailer axel! Followed by more trailer parts, a pellet gun and a spoon.

The suspense and the glory of reeling in such an assortment established a new family hobby. A quite unique one we all can take part in and enjoy together.

There are some dangers to be aware of with such a hobby. Like I said, there’s no telling what you may pull up. If you find a weapon call your local authorities. Show caution when handling sharp and rusty objects. Be safe around bodies of water. Know your limitations.

If none of that dissuades you, here are some things I find useful when magnets fishing aside from the rig. Gloves, hauling in a heavy catch can make the rope tough on bare hands. And to be safe, remove your rings; magnets don’t pick up precious metals, you don’t want to lose them.  Also pack a towel or baby wipes, to clean up your hands or something you may find.

To see the neat sorts of things magnet fishers are finding search #magnetfishing on your favorite social media. And if you give it a go yourself, I wish you tight lines!

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