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The only thing I’m afraid of this October is that Halloween will be stifled.

I love Halloween.

I’m not into it’s scary, gory, dark aspects. A little Hocus Pocus, a little whimsy is fun. I love the creativity and spark of imagination it brings about.

I love seeing all the costumes; what’s popular this season, the unique ones, the homemade, the clever.

I love how porch lights shine on the kindness of strangers. The oddity it is, that one night a year, a knock and three little words can fill pillowcases with candy!

It seems there’s fewer porch lights on every year and the world is becoming such a dark place.

I tell you, if it’s not October 31st falling on a weeknight or the weather putting a damper on All Hallows’ Eve, it’s a pandemic!

Here’s some ideas to keep Halloween spooky aside from the traditional trick-or-treating…

Creepy Snacks

We have a brain jello mold; it’s been green, it’s been pink. It always looks thoroughly disgusting and my kids love it!

Cookie decorating kits made for spooky season are a fun twist on the typical winter gingerbread house kits. It gets bonus points for being a fun, family activity and a sweet treat.

Simple Mummy Dogs, made of crescent rolls and hot dogs are a quick and fun less-sugary option.

Classic Movie Night

Pure Wow has comprised a list of the 50 Best Halloween Movies and where to stream them! And I’ve shared before how our family likes to coordinate popcorn with the theme to make movie nights extra special. A specialty mix of orange, black and white fits the bill.

Scary Stories

Anyone else remember Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, or is it just me that was scarred by these books in childhood?

Grab a flashlight and a book of scary short stories to read aloud. Or make up your own; use that imagination! Encourage the kids to get into the character as they’re in costume; tell their own story; act it out.

Photo Shoot

Regardless of if they get to show off those costumes door to door or trunk to trunk, get decked out and take some pictures. Capture these precious moments of childhood.

Happy Halloween!



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