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Summer, summer, what has happened to you? No water parks, less activities available, no parties. I push my kiddos outside and then its 100 degrees and they come right back in.

This mama has been worn down. I decided that in order to keep my sanity, I would take my kids to the sitter one day a week and go have some fun with a girlfriend.

This has been the best thing I have done for myself.

Last week, we headed out to a local lake and went kayaking. It was so peaceful and nice not to be worried about my kids and the water. It was an opportunity for us to talk and not be interrupted. Human connection is needed in these times and this gave me the chance to connect with my friend.

We laughed, we swam, and we had lunch. It was a simple act that I have taken for granted so many times over the years. We were able to do all of these things while distancing ourselves and it felt like a normal day date with a friend. With only a few weeks left in summer, we have decided to make it a weekly or bi-weekly event.

While we hung out, we hit a few golf balls into the lake and it was pretty humorous. This gave us inspiration for our next outing. We have decided to go golfing. It is another outdoor activity that we can both enjoy at a distance. Some other ideas we have thought about are tennis, paintball, and target practice.

Friendships are so much more than dinners out and fancy dress up occasions. Getting out and doing physical activity should be something we are all mindful of these days. It can be so easy to sit at home and read or binge-watch some series. Don’t get me wrong, those things are nice to do in moderation, but moving your body with one of your girlfriends is the best kind of therapy I have encountered.

There is a place in Jacksonville that I want to try, and I think it would be the perfect girl’s trip. Ritual is this cute self care/luncheonette/hotel that I stumbled upon on Instagram (gotta love the gram). Leeann Womack, the country artist, actually posted a picture of herself there in front of the cutest swimming pool and all these green lush trees. She said, “Exotic locale @ritualtexas My fav place in East Texas.” Naturally, anything that says East Texas piques my interest, so I checked out their IG page. Holy cow, this place looks so precious. It is now on my East Texas Girlfriend’s bucket list.

What things have you been doing with your girlfriends lately?


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