Cozy & Yummy Winter Recipes


Fall & Winter are my absolute favorite seasons. I mean, how can you not love this time of year? First, it’s pumpkin spice, candy corn and boots. Then it’s scarves, Thanksgiving, peppermint mochas and Christmas! Next comes a fresh New Year and a day of love and hearts. It’s absolutely divine. But another thing I adore about this season is cozy and yummy recipes!

Ok, so I have a confession to make: I am a foodie. Like geek out over the plate, take pics, and even tear up over flavors, ok?!

A little back story for you. My husband and I’s love for cooking actually started on our second wedding anniversary on a trip to Colorado. We were staying at resort in Pagosa Springs and got completely snowed in. We turned on the TV (romantic, right?) and there it all began. We had found the Food Network. Our lives were changed by Bobby, Emeril, and Paula. We watched episode after episode of people cooking this amazing food. Thankfully there was a grocery story within walking distance of our resort. We walked there several times that week to load up, get groceries and cooked several meals together while sipping wine by the fire. It was a magical trip and one that set the stage for many years of cooking in our marriage! To this day, one of our favorite date nights is to put the kids to bed and cook a meal together at home.

And now, after 13 years of marriage, at the Dixon house the Food Network is still on ALL THE DAY LONG. In fact, most Saturday mornings when my two older kiddos wake up, they ask to watch Giada or Pioneer Woman. Proud mommy moment. And my girls LOVE to cook. Thankfully we moved past the “easy bake oven” phase rather quickly and now they love to make real cookies and help when we are cooking up easy meals like I’m about to share. 🙂 Anything I can do together with my spouse or with my children that allows us time to talk, laugh and make memories is a GOOD thing. And cooking does just that for us. It’s a special time usually. {Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always a perfect scene in our kitchen! There have been tears and fit throwing and tons of nasty messes along the way. But hey, it’s real life, right?} I also thoroughly enjoy hosting friends around our table. To dine and share life with. This is where true community is built!

One of my personal favorite things to cook is soup and Italian food. Both of those seem to be perfect comfort food on a chilly day. So I’d love to share a few links to my easy, “go to” recipes for Winter that even your kids can help with!


Stuffed Shells: This is an old family recipe that I shared on my blog a long time ago! The kids will love to help with this one because they get to stuff cheesy goodness into big shells! This one is perfect to serve & impress guests as well.

Taco Soup: This is my all time favorite soup recipe. It’s so easy! You literally just open a ton of cans and dump it all together. Quick, simple and very delicious. This one is a must to add to your winter recipe collection!

3 Bean Chili: Oh my YUM. Hands down, best chili recipe we’ve found to date. The smokiness from the chipotle adds a unique and tasty flavor.



Kale & 2 Bean Soup: Ok, I know it sounds crazy but my kids LOVE this one. Perfect way to get your children to eat kale, which is so good for you!

I hope you love these recipes as much as I do! I’d love to hear what you think. Enjoy chopping, sautéing, stirring and especially eating these recipes, my friends! Stay warm and cozy and savor every moment you can with your family this Winter season…even in the kitchen.

Much love, Traci

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Originally from East Texas, Traci grew up in the small town of Quitman. Being a preacher’s kid, her family moved around a bit taking them to places like Nacogdoches and eventually landing in Lubbock. She attended Texas Tech University (wreck ‘em!) and received a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. While in the desert lands of West Texas, she met and fell in love with her best friend, Ryan. After having their first daughter, Addison, they moved back to the homelands of East Texas and now reside in Tyler. Since then, they’ve added another daughter, Kamryn, a son, Miles, and a tiny toy poodle named Bailey to the Dixon clan. The Dixons are also in the process to adopt! Traci is an entrepreneur owning her own health & wellness business. Her and her husband Ryan also own and operate Tyler’s first craft brewery. She loves to spend time with her family, travel with her husband, cook, run, read, watch enormous amounts of HGTV and/or Food Network, laugh and chat with friends over coffee or wine! Traci’s motto in life is to "live more and give more.” Her passion is living each day to the fullest, embracing every moment given and giving back in small and big ways when and where possible.


  1. I missed this when it first ran. I’m a total foodie too, and it can be hard to find easy recipes that will please me! I’m going to be pinning these for reference! 🙂

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