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Have you taken an Enneagram Personality test? As a mom, wife, daughter, aunt, etc … we can get lost in our many roles.

I have found that learning more about my Enneagram Type has helped me grow and slowly develop an appreciation for who I really am as a person.

With Christmas season in full bloom, our East Texas Moms and friends have shared their insight on the holidays based on their Enneagram Type. We hope you can relate!

TYPE 1 (The Reformer) – Katy:

I have schedules and timeline all the things. I love to wrap presents and make the bows absolutely perfect and then sit and stare at their perfection. I have been known to wrap gifts by person, or in some sort of code or order. I like us to go in order and take turns unwrapping gifts. I start collecting stocking-stuffers in July. Did I mention I make LOTS of lists?

TYPE 2 ( The Helper) – Kat:

The holidays bring mostly just low grade panic about what other people think of me and general social anxiety. That’s the negative; the positives are that I love cooking for people and the holidays give me some opportunities to do that. I also LOVE picking out the perfect gift for someone else.

TYPE 3 (The Achiever) – Erica:

The BEST steakhouse in my state opened a new location in my neighborhood, and the DAY they opened (in the summer) I made reservations for my family for Christmas. I pay attention to the little things all year long, so when it’s gift giving time, let’s face it….I give the best gifts. PLEASE tell me how much you appreciate my attention to detail/love for you. I will seriously die a little inside if you don’t. And for the love of all that is holy…please DO NOT buy me a gift just for the sake gift-giving (ugh, gross …). I would seriously rather have nothing, you hear me? Gifts need to be something that will either help me get more things done or force me to slow down. Also…I give you permission (just this once!) to get on my case if I can’t put my phone/laptop down when we’re all spending time together. Every solitary fiber of my being says, “Hey! You could totally multitask and get WAY ahead while everyone else is in party-mode, sauced on eggnog.” Ok … cue gut-wrenching, beautiful Christmas music …c ’mon emotions … you can do it! Now it’s time to try and relax (commence twitching and the shakes from work withdrawal). Fa la la la la, la la…la…laaaaaa!

TYPE 4 ( The Individualist) – Amanda:

I look forward to all the glittering lights, pretty decorations, and romantic ideals of a Hallmark movie (soooo not happening in East Texas 🤣). The world seems to come alive with color and sparkle during Christmas. One of my favorite traditions is to use glittered tulle to wrap around presents. When I am wrapping, my work space become covered with glitter and I feel like a bit of Christmas magic is left behind! It breaks my heart when Christmas is over and the lights and decorations come down. It’s like darkness breaks into the empty crevices where Christmas once was!

TYPE 5 (The Investigator) – Ashley:

My inner dialogue: “How many social outings are necessary to celebrate? Why can’t every store have drive up pick up? I don’t have the capacity to Christmas shop in the stores … Please just let me wash the dishes at the party … give me a task! Hey you, no need to cry … the holidays are beautiful … stop crying … I cannot compute this many emotions.” My response to most gifts is “thank you” and internally “please don’t hug me. Ok. Ok. All done” with the most awkward arm side hug!

TYPE 6 (The Loyalist) Liz:

My favorite thing about Christmas is being home. I love waking up at my house on Christmas morning with my family.  I am perfectly content if it’s just my husband and 2 boys. I’m fine if anyone wants to join us, but I prefer not to go anywhere on this holiday. My husband usually plans the menu (he’s way more passionate about food than me!) and I take the grocery list and get everything we need. I help with the cooking but I like knowing exactly what I’m supposed to do. Lord knows, my husband is the better cook in the house.  I’m only as good as the recipe! I enjoy shopping for  Christmas presents for my kids, friends and family but only if I know exactly what I’m there to get. I do not like shopping wandering through the isles trying to find “the perfect gift”. I prefer to know exactly what people want and get them that! If I am unsure, someone else has to make that decision or they get a gift card!  Sometimes they may not get a gift at all if I can’t decide, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

TYPE 7 (The Enthusiast) – Tiffany:

I’m stressed every year at the holidays so I act like a Type 1. But I can tell you that I LOVE holiday parties. My husband gets mad at me every year at his company Christmas party because I “social butterfly” the whole thing. This year will be our 21st Christmas party with his company. And I’m sure I’ll end up doing shots with the CEO and dancing with the regional manager like I do every year.

TYPE 8 (The Challenger) – Adrianne:

Time to download the Black Friday apps and the Cyber Monday apps. Don’t forget the Santa’s Bag app that will help me organize who will get what, how much I’m willing to pay, what I paid and what my total budget for Christmas is and if I met it. Christmas shopping is an awesome challenge to get the coolest, most wanted gift for the cheapest price possible. I find my own personal joy in paying insanely discounted prices for expensive items my loved ones won’t expect to get. All the while knowing I didn’t break my budget because I planned ahead. I’m terrible at keeping the gifts a secret because I get too excited for the recipient to open them. I’ll tell them I got them an amazing gift (I’ve already done this to my middle daughter this year, she’s going to lose her mind!!) and then I’ll struggle up until the second they open the gift to keep my mouth shut. I’m notorious for giving gifts early. I love showering my family with gifts, but I feel awkward receiving them. Oh, and no need for a hug thank you…a glance and smile will work fine!

TYPE 9 (The Peacemaker) – Kimberly:

“Didn’t we just do Christmas?” I’m realizing that Christmas is near, and all my great plans of shopping throughout the year didn’t actually happen. Gift buying will now happen solely on Amazon, so I can avoid holiday traffic and crowds. I always try to get the same number of gifts for each of my kids so it will be fair. Wrapping will be simple – no bows or frills … that would be too much work for something that’s just going to be ripped up! I dread decorating, because it seems like a big hassle of a task and turns my house into a mess in the middle of the process. But the end result always makes me smile, and I settle under a cozy blanket to admire and enjoy it all. The end of the season brings some sadness, but also relief in some ways: “Now my house and day-to-day life can get back to normal!”

Which Enneagram type are you? Do any of these have you shaking your head “yes!”? If, so, please share your Christmas by Enneagram Type with us!

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