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Grumpy Cat (may you rest in peace you sweet, diabolical fur ball) gets me. His memes, though vicious at times, make me laugh out loud and this is a rare feat. It’s not that I am grumpy … I often laugh from the inside … and my sense of humor really doesn’t fit into any categories other than “grumpy cat”. My husband gets this, too.

About 5 years ago, we started exchanging homemade Valentine’s Day cards. The first one my husband made for me makes me laugh (and touches my heart) to this day. Hand drawn with crayon is Grumpy Cat in his signature scour. The card reads: “You’re so awesome, even Grumpy Cat loves you!”.

Knowing that my husband had watched me laugh over many feline memes and that he took the time to hand draw my Valentine’s card made this gift even more special.

So began our tradition of exchanging homemade cards. Nothing fancy, really! We gather each other’s hobbies, interests and shared memories to design a Valentine’s tailored fit for the love we share.

He’s drawn sunsets on the beach and mermaids for me. And for him, I have drawn a pair of rocking chairs (“You’re that wooden rocking chair I want rockin’ right beside me.” -Brad Paisley); and have tried my hand at somewhat depicting a four-wheeler (one of his favorite hobbies).

Now, store bought cards are beautiful and if one carries the message I want my husband to receive on Valentine’s Day, I’ll grab that one up, too. But rarely does one show and say exactly what he means to me.

Here are some questions to ask your loved one so you can gather ideas to design your own homemade Valentine. (PS- this makes a great date night activity, too!):

Click on the following link to print a copy of this fun activity: VDay questions. And don’t forget to share your homemade Valentine’s Day ideas with us!

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