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Three years. 

That’s how long it’s been since my husband and I sat down and watched a TV show together. Alone. Just us. 

Pre-baby we watched TV shows ALL OF THE TIME. We covered the genres. Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Son’s of Anarchy, Lost (had to stop it, he couldn’t hang and didn’t like it). Calm down everyone.  I agree that Lost is one of the greatest shows of all time.

The point is that we watched A LOT of shows together before we had our sweet baby boy.

Post-baby…crickets… Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

We started Games of Thrones together. After a few episodes, I bowed out. Put down your pitchforks and torches people….the tiny infant had my full attention. I like the show but I had to get up and tend to the wee babe and I didn’t want to deny my husband the privilege of watching his new favorite show. So I made a sacrifice and freed him from the pact of “you can’t watch without me.”

There we were and there we stayed for three years. No common ground shows. Hard times. A time filled with songs and lines stuck in our heads from Peppa Pig, Word Party, Little Baby Bum, Paw Patrol…

Recently, our sweet babe played so hard all day he passed out, unbathed and in his regular clothes at 7:45 PM.  I thought, “OH, MY GOD, he’s going to sleep for two hours and then he’ll be up ALL the live long night.” Cue my sarcastic and pessimistic outlook.

Since he was asleep we decided, “C’est la vie”.  My husband told me about a show called “Succession”. I was reluctant from his description, but decided we would go for it and watch. I mean, my pessimistic attitude told me that Jackson would wake up any minute so I didn’t  think about the decision. I just quickly said, “Yes, I’ll watch.” I mean, it’s not animated; so it’s already winning. 

We got the baby monitor plugged in, busted out the Coke Zeros, Oreos (of course the Mega Stuffed ones) and got comfy. One episode into it,we were hooked and three episodes later we eventually had to go to sleep.

Sleep is overrated.  

Sidebar: This show encompasses so many of our loves. It’s set in New York City. The city we both love. It’s filled with awkward encounters; people whom no one can trust; crafty, clever banter, inappropriate language and comments…  Succession is right up our alley and most importantly….not Goldie and Bear or Paw Patrol (not that we don’t secretly adore those shows). 

Hallelujah!  We found a show we both love! 

We watched the show and I mean, we really watched it.  Phones were put away and it was fabulous.  The best part of watching this show is I got to watch it with my husband. It was refreshing, fun and made us both say, “Why didn’t we find time to watch TV together sooner?” 

As adults and parents, we get busy and tired. We lose sight of small, important things. Life happens and we have both realized it’s important to slow down and relax.

So after three years, we did it. We took advantage of the time that our sweet boy gave us. We had a blast during our time and look forward to the next. 

Fun was had and pacts were made. Neither of us is to watch this show without the other.  It will be hard, but I think I can do it. 

After all, he is the best part of watching the show. 

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Marie Murphy was raised in East Texas. She got her degree in Family and Child Development and Psychology from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2006. Marie worked for the Adult Protective Services as an investigator and then at Community Healthcore as a caseworker. She met her amazingly wonderful husband, Frank, in 2013. She is now a stay at home mama to their beautiful 3-year-old, Jackson; he loves exploring, climbing, being outside and entertaining…to say the least and she has two bonus kids; Ben studying psychology in college and Elliot playing varsity tennis in high school. Marie also takes care of 2 cats, 2 dogs and a fish. She loves being with her family, hosting dinners, laughing, talking with friends, working out, being outdoors, cooking and writing.