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Interestingly enough, I started this post several weeks before Snowmaggedon 21 hit Texas. This post means way more to me now than it did weeks ago. Warmer temps, you are VERY WELCOME here. So….

Spring TimeSpring is here again. We hope. Can you believe that it’s been one year since the world sort of did a flip and everything got real weird? While things definitely still look different, the seasons are still changing and life must carry on. 

Now that Spring is here and it may look a little more normal, or maybe we’ve just embraced what changes have had to be made, we are brainstorming ideas of ways to enjoy the warmer weather, while staying close to home or maybe just getting creative because the past year has been anything but easy and some of our circumstances have had us making pretty significant pivots and changes. 

During all of the distancing and such, we have definitely learned to pivot. We’ve spent a lot more time getting creative with our time and energy.  One of our favorite things about the Spring time in East Texas is being outdoors. This makes keeping our distance pretty easy! Did you know that in and around East Texas there are State Parks, lakes, public parks and great camping! And all are within a few hours, if not minutes from each other. It’s pretty wild actually. 

We also have college campuses that are beautiful, aquariums 90 miles in both directions on I20 and some great museums that, while there may be reservations to be made and some restrictions that may apply, there are plenty to visit close to home.

When was the last time you picked up a tennis racquet, a baseball glove, a football or a soccer ball? Most towns in East Texas have fields and courts that are available to the public to use. If the weather is nice, choose to get outside and play some. There are also many trails to hike, bike and run on as well. We are beginning to see that beautiful green making it’s way in. It’s just so beautiful. 

What about fishing, paddle boats, kayaks or a good swim? Most towns in East Texas have a State Park or something similar within a days (even just a couple of hours) drive. I know personally that Tyler State Park can keep you and your family busy all day. From the hiking, to the parks, to the picnic areas, you could spend one whole day outdoors and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is East Texas.

Another fun activity to do (for those interested in shopping) would be to explore the many small towns and small businesses we have in East Texas. There are so many wonderful small businesses to support in our neck of the woods. Whether you are looking for antiques, bath & body, boutique, sport, food or entertainment, there are so many wonderful LOCAL spots to enjoy right here close to home. What I love most about shopping local is putting my dollars right back into the community that I live in. Most times I walk into a small business, I am talking with the hard working owner who put their life into the business that helps provide for their family. How cool is that?

Some friends and I were just having a conversation over dinner about how there are so many locally owned restaurants that we haven’t even tried OR haven’t been too in a long time. It would be a fun (and yummy) experience to dine at a different restaurant in a different town each time you decide to dine out.  Just explore and see what you find. (AND TELL US ABOUT IT!)

Maybe this year you are traveling with restrictions and maybe you are continuing to stay close to home. Either way, think local as you do travel. Look for ways to embrace the city that you are in. We recommend checking our national site, City Mom Collective, to see if there is a resource like ours available in the city you plan to travel to.

Whatever it is that you decide to do this Spring and Summer, HAVE FUN and enjoy your time with your family and friends!

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Meet Beth. Owner/Founder of East Texas Moms Blog. She is a born and raised East Texan who after moving away for 12 years, realized very quickly that coming home and raising a family where the roots are, wasn't all that bad. She has been married to Stephen for 20 years and they have two beautifully unique daughters, Keatyn (15) and Addilyn (12). Beth spends her free time (but really what is that) running, consuming decent amounts of wine and coffee with her friends and enjoying local food. For many years she has run her own businesses from home, which has allowed her to learn so much about who she is, what her strengths are and ultimately lead her to here. She's passionate about her community and being a wife and mom. Though she loves her small town, she often dreams of more sidewalks for riding her bicycle with a basket.