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spring breakHere at East Texas Moms, we are HUGE supporters of keeping it Local. This doesn’t change when it comes to where we spend our time when we have a chance to slow down and explore. One of those times that is literally right around the corner is Spring Break!

So many great things about Spring Break in East Texas. The temperatures are warming up, the grass is starting to tease with it’s “greeness” and the sun is promising to shine a bit for us during the week. This brings us to the topic of

“What do we do during Spring Break in East Texas?”.

We’ve put together a general list with some links to get you started and help you out if you have plans to stay close to home.

  • Check local University Calendars
  • Head to a local Museum
  • Check out the local Planetarium
  • Find indoor and outdoor Play Spaces
  • East Texas Parks (there are oh, so many!)
  • Check your local Library Schedule
  • Visit one of our Local State Parks
  • Visit the local Theater
  • Nature Walks
  • Disc Golf
  • spring breakTrail Rides (horses or bikes)
  • Check out several of our local zoos
  • Visit local food trucks for lunch
  • Picnic by a lake or pond or at the park
  • Head out on a bike ride
  • Go Fishing
  • Plant something
  • Prep your Garden
  • Set up a few days of Camping (at the park or even in your backyard)
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt
  • Have a “Welcome Spring Time” Party
  • Bake something for a friend or a neighbor
  • Try a new recipe (and then share it with us!)
  • Have a Spa Day
  • Do a Fun Art Project
  • Family Movie Night
  • Build a Fort
  • Start a Home Project and make it family friendly
  • Find a local Arcade
  • Start thinking about Summer Camp and making Summer Plans
  • Search the ETM Pinterest Boards for more ideas!!

Check out some of our Other Guides to give you even more ideas for the Week!

You know we LOVE to hear your ideas and plans, so let us know in the comments and we will add those to our list! Have a GREAT Spring Break!

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Beth Bills
Meet Beth. Owner/Founder of East Texas Moms Blog. She is a born and raised East Texan who after moving away for 12 years, realized very quickly that coming home and raising a family where the roots are, wasn't all that bad. She has been married to Stephen for 17 years and they have two beautifully unique daughters, Keatyn (13) and Addilyn (10). Beth spends her free time (but really what is that) running, consuming decent amounts of wine and coffee with her friends and enjoying local food. She's a teacher turned entrepreneur. For many years she has run her own businesses from home, which has allowed her to learn so much about who she is, what her strengths are and ultimately lead her to here. She's passionate about her community and being a wife and mom. Though she loves her small town, she often dreams of more sidewalks for riding her bicycle with a basket.