Spring Break {Close to Home}


Spring Break


Spring Break is just around the corner and for many of us we face balancing budget, work schedules, and prior commitments when planning a week of relaxation.  Let’s face it not all moms are SAHM.  Necessity or personal choice placed many moms in the workplace.  Many times a week off is just not feasible. I have been on both sides.  I worked for 9 years in a high paced, corporate job that kept me away from my family long hours and the feeling that I couldn’t take the time off to my current situation where I am a budget-conscious SAHM.  Both pose unique considerations when planning Spring Break.  So what is a mom to do.

First remember that the time spent with your family is what they really want and NEED.  Sure those big ticket vacations are fun but they are not necessary.  You can connect close to home and make memories for a lifetime. Just drop the guilt!  The guilt that whatever you plan isn’t ENOUGH- big enough, extravagant enough, exciting enough…just plan enough.  I believe guilt will steal your joy…preoccupied with what if, instead of what you have. Setting yourself free to accept who you are and where you are will open your mind to the possibilities of the close to home (& richer) experiences you can have with your family.

Plan a Day Trip

East Texas offers many great places for families to plan a day trip.  Tyler State Park {Tyler}, Texas Freshwater Fisheries {Athens}, Texas State Railroad {Palestine/Rusk}, Caldwell Zoo {Zoo}.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful East Texas weather.  For me, being outside is one of the best days for our family.  The kids love the freedom to run, jump, and explore.  If you are willing to live on the wild side, just throw a few things in for a picnic, jump in the car, and drive until you find a great spot for a picnic.

Game Night

I remember laughing around the table over a game of Farkle, Skip Bo, or Uno.  With our jam packed busy schedules, we lose out on game night.  Bring back the fun with a planned game night.  Invite over friends.  Have snacks ready.  Pick a theme and have everyone dress the part (80s, 70s, Neon…you get the idea).

Let Your Creativity Explode

We have several DIY painting places in our neck of the woods.  Whether it is on canvas or pottery, you will walk away with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. I will be the first to say that I am not Picasso, but this is really about the experience.  Get off Pinterest and just enjoy the creative process.  If you are a DIY gal, check out the great ideas at http://www.craftsbycourtney.com to see how to plan your own painting party at home.


For those who have only a few hours after the busy work day or a $0 budget, geocaching is a great option. Think of geocaching as the modern day treasure hunt.  Fellow geocachers leave behind the treasures and leave location coordinates for others to go in search.   All you need is a GPS device or GPS enable smart phone, mode of transportation, and sense of adventure. Your go to resource for learning more about geocaching and a list of treasure to search for is www.geocaching.com

A few more ideas….

Plan a week of themed meals.  Make your own pizza night or Sundae night with all the sweet fixin’s.

Plan a dance party, dress the part, and crank up the tunes.

Go to a local hotel for a swim (you can usually book a room or pay just for use of the pool)

Catch a movie


No matter what you do this Spring Break remember as moms we tend to forget just the simpleness of time spent together.  Don’t get caught up in the pursuit of the extravagant that you miss out on those moments with your extraordinary peeps.

What other ideas do you have for a budget-friendly, staycation Spring Break?


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Jana grew up in Jacksonville before moving recently to Whitehouse. She is married to her best friend John for 16 years and has been blessed with 7 children through the gift of adoption and her first grandson this year! Nurse by trade for years Jana changed things up to stay home to spend more time with her family. Jana and her husband have a health and wellness business. Jana enjoys writing, quilting, photography, and spending time with family. Jana’s faith and family are the two most important things in her life. Fun fact: Although a Texan for life her and her husband are Washington Redskins fans! You can learn more about Jana and her family at www.growingupondublinlane.com