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Our corner of Texas, full of its pine trees and expansive lakes, sneaks out a couple gorgeous months of fall weather that most of Texas misses out on. The leaves change to vibrant colors and the perfect temperatures invigorate the soul. One of my family’s favorite things to do to take advantage of our East Texas Fall is go camping. As soon as our kids outgrow their cribs, we get the urge to venture outdoors for an overnight camping trip. There are many things we love about camping together, but over the years, there are a few reasons that keep us coming back.


Not much of an explanation is needed here as to why this is a top reason. The rewards of unplugging from screens and commitments is togetherness and deeper conversations with your children, imaginative and active play, and a slowing down that refreshes and re-energizes. Most days spent camping have a minimalist to-do list – cook meal, play, repeat, sleep. The simplicity of a camping schedule stands in stark contrast to typical days spent at home when surrounded by laundry, rooms to be cleaned, and more.


Our favorite way to camp is surrounded by friends of ours and friends of our kids. Camping with a built-in community helps with the prep – supply sharing and meal sharing – and enriches the trip. Kids can ride bikes from campsite to campsite with their friends, reminiscent of our 1980s childhood, seeking out adventure in nature armed with maps and curiosity. After tucking the kids in bed, sharing a campfire with close friends and chatting until the moon is high in the starry sky is a luxury that our homes don’t offer.

New Adventures.

Our family loves trying out new camping spots and exploring them together. A new location to camp brings new hiking trails, different ranger programs, and new local activities. The short road trip there holds local eateries waiting to be discovered. The sense of adventure that comes with camping is freeing and confidence-building.

Ready to book your next (or first!) camping trip? Check out the great parks that East Texas offers and get packing!

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