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Why do we automatically relate date night to getting dressed up, begging grandma to keep the kiddos, and going to an expensive restaurant or movie we don’t even really want to see?

We could just have date night at the house, in our PJs, and the kids all tucked in their own beds (or ours…let’s be real).

Going out involves so much pre-planning and hassle to get everyone ready just so you and your spouse can go out on the town for three hours and spend $30- $50. Don’t get me wrong- it’s great to go on a ‘real date’ every once in a while, but sometimes you just don’t have the energy to plan it but still want to do something special.

There are so many things you can do at home and call it date night.

  • Turn your back porch into a romantic restaurant by lighting some candles and cooking a juicy steak with a side of wine.
  • Have date night delivered to your mailbox monthly by ordering a pre-made idea. There are many date box companies such as “date night in a box” or more interest specific boxes such as “Universal Yums” , which sends you snacks from all over the world. We order this one and do it as a family. It is a nice treat each month and we all look forward to it. We also receive  “Hunt A Killer”  which is a murder mystery subscription box that is tons of fun. There are so many options and boxes that will spark your interest.
  • When was the last time you played Uno or Life? Break out the board games and have a fun competition.
  • Lay out and watch the stars. Download an astronomy app and learn about the different constellations. Google Sky is a free app that shows the night sky in live view.
  • Throwback Thursday and look at old photos or videos. Have a laugh at your spouses’ haircut from the 90’s. Chili bowl anyone?
  • Date night in is a great alternative if you are working within a budget. There are so many free or almost free options, and it just takes a little creativity. Have fun with it. Date night is important for the health of your relationship with your spouse. Take the time to do something special.

Invest in your spouse. Enjoy a date night in.

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