Thrilling Home Date Nights | East Texas Moms


I feel guilty already. That’s clickbait. The title’s misleading. I’m sorry.

I’m not even the thrilling, adventure seeking type. But I do enjoy a good thriller in the movie genre sense of the word.

And if there’s not a pandemic making going out difficult, being a parent will do it. Cheap date ideas are always nice too. So if I suckered you in with the title, I hope you get something out of this, at least a good movie recommendation.

Make no mistake – simply lounging on the couch is not a date.

Add a Hormel Party Tray and a box of Hot Tamales – now it’s a date!

Just kidding, sort of.

I count it a date night when you’re intentional with your time and plans.

Put the kids to bed and let them know you expect them not to get up twelve times for a drink of water.

It’s mom and dad’s time. Let them see you prioritizing your relationship.

It’s good for them.

It’s good for everyone.

Put your phones away. Grab the snacks, the soft blankets, dim the lights, cuddle up and let the show begin!

Now, what you’ve been waiting for…

Here’s some movies we’ve screened recently and where to find them.


Peppermint. Ladies, you’ll probably cry but it gets better and it’s a movie, so remember that.

Three Days to Kill. I could be bias because I have a crush on Kevin Costner but it’s a good one from 2014.

Would You Rather. This one is on the gory side.


Bad Samaritan. Edge of your seat type. I probably screamed three times. Just what you want from a thriller.

The Lie. Seemed kind of slow but the twist makes it worth it.

Prisoners. This one was worth the $2.99 it took to rent it. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenaal star in this emotional rollercoaster of a movie from 2013.


The Little Things. If HBO Max is available to you take advantage of the option to stream the new releases as they’re in theaters too. This one starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jered Leto has you drawing conclusions as any good psychological thriller would.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Let me know; I’m looking for our next date night options.