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EscapologyWe were thrilled to help welcome Tyler’s newest set of escape rooms, Escapology!

From the ease of making your appointment, to waivers, to checking in, this experience was truly one to repeat. We gathered up our family and some friends and celebrated the Grand Opening of Escapology on Saturday, September 29th. Divided into two groups; One with 4 adults, 2 ten year olds, and a five year old,  the other with 2 adults, 2 teenagers and 2 ten year olds. The challenge was on! We had a little healthy competition to see which group would complete their escape first, or escape at all. 

Recognized as with the 2018 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, award winning brand, Escapology, is one of the fastest growing escape game companies in the U.S. with 36 locations across the country.

We are excited to have one of those locations right here in East Texas. 

Here are a few things we think you should know:

  • The doors aren’t actually locked. This made my claustrophobic sidekicks relieved!
  • You get 3 clues if you need to ask for them! You know, sort of like, “phone a friend”. 
  • They have wine, beer, sodas and water for purchase. So relax, you can drink your way through the clues!
  • You WILL see strengths and weaknesses show themselves while trying to Escape. (This is fun, challenging and quite interesting all at the same time!)
  • If you don’t escape, don’t stress! That’s what is so great about these rooms. Just plan to come back another time and master that room OR choose a different room. (There are currently 6 to choose from.)
  • Escapology makes a great birthday party venue, date night, Mom Night Out, office party or just a family night out adventure.

We loved watching our kids work to discover clues and also watching how they wanted to escape on time so badly. Lots of good lessons to be learned and fun to be had!

Escapology TylerHere are some ways to get your Escapology escape room booked! You can chance it and just show up. The one thing about this method is that if the room you are wanting to go through is in progress, you will have to wait. BUT, if you aren’t particular about which room, you can more than likely get in in a timely manner just by walking in. THE BEST WAY to book is to go straight to the Escapology website and select your time and pay right there. You can do waivers and everything right there online. Easy as that. Then show up a little early to grab your drinks and lounge in their cool lounge area before you head in to do your challenge.


Now, grab a group and get yourself to Escapology! Oh and use discount code ETMB and get 20% off your Room reservation in the month of October! And tell them you heard about them HERE!!!

While this is Sponsored Content, the experience and opinions are all our own. And we think you need to have this experience all on your own!