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Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now.

For Christmas Day dinner, me, my mom and my friend Jenny jumped on the charcuterie bandwagon and set out to create the perfect board.  Anyone can create a charcuterie board and the sky is the limit. There really are no rules, but there are a few things to remember.

The very very very and most important step in creating a charcuterie board is to learn how to say the word. I repeat. LEARN TO SAY THE WORD. It’s very important. We said it many ways; some funny, some way off and some very inappropriate. (I won’t give examples.)

Finally, a nice woman in the cheese section at Trader Joes, who I might add, turned out to be a woman who sells cheese, set us straight.

Side bar:  What a dream job!  To SELL CHEESE.

So once you have mastered how to say charcuterie, you can begin your journey.

You will need:

  1. A charcuterie board – You can find so many on Amazon.  It just depends on your style.
  2. A cheese tool set.
  3. Meat – Salami, Prosciutto and summer sausage- We used Calabrese Salami from Trader Joes and Buc-ees summer sausage.
  4. Cheese (Duh) – Soft Cheese such as Brie and hard cheese such as Rosemary Asiago and Gouda; really you can use whatever cheeses you like.
  5. Fruit – We used red grapes and blackberries.
  6. A jam – We used a holiday jam I found on amazon.  It was good. It had a very distinct taste, like spicy fruit.
  7. Crackers – We used water crackers and Raisin Rosemary Crisps from Trader Joes.

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to place the items on the board.  We started by placing the holiday jam in the middle of the board.

Next we lined the two types of crackers on each side. Then we took the biggest block of cheese and sat it towards the top right of the board.

Next we placed the brie and propped the Gouda on it. Then we placed the rosemary Asiago on the bottom right part of the board.

From there, we placed the salami at the bottom of the board, just below the Gouda and brie.

Next we placed summer sausage between the brie and the Gouda and allowed it to cascade down into the salami.

Next we placed the Prosciutto next to the rosemary Asiago.

From there, we placed the blackberries and grapes wherever we saw gaps between the meats and cheeses.

Lastly, we placed two cutting tools at the bottom of the charcuterie board.

And Voila, we stepped back and stared at our masterpiece charcuterie board in amazement.

Then, we photographed it…because why wouldn’t we?

Then, we dug in!

P.S. If you choose to create your own charcuterie board, remember the, other, most important step is to HAVE FUN!


Photo Credit: Jennifer Mitchell

Charcuterie Board Designers: Marie Murphy, Jamie Winningham and Jennifer Mitchell

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