Spring Cleaning Series: It’s My Favorite!


I am not at all being sarcastic in my title!  Seriously. I. LOVE. Cleaning out and organizing.  And I do more than just Spring cleaning.  Here’s how it goes at my house.

 3 Clean Out and Organize Times a Year:

  1.  We clean out and organize around Spring Break.  I take this time to put away winter things, pull out summer things.  We go through clothes and toys we have outgrown or don’t use.  I love summer, so this is really my favorite clean out time because I feel like we are getting ready to usher in summer.  This clean out/organize time also includes a lot of outside work.  We are cleaning up the pool and the yard.  Planting flower beds.  Getting the decks all cute and decorated.  I want my house and yard/pool/decks ready for the 1st, and all, spur of the moment POOL PARTIES to come!  
  2. We also do a big clean out and organize right before school starts.  My husband and I are both teachers, so summer is one big party at our house!  Woohooo!  Once football starts we are back in school mode.  Before we do any back to school shopping or school supplies shopping, we clean out and organize.  When everyone in our house goes back to school, I want it to be seamless.  So again, we clean out top to bottom and inside to outside.  It feels like we are preparing our home for almost a hibernation mode.  It’s a little sad, but a fresh school year is always exciting!  

      3.  Our last big clean out and organize for the year is around Thanksgiving.  I like to have my kids                    clean out and organize their toys because Christmas is right around the corner.  This helps us see                what we use and don’t use.  What we need and don’t need.  I love that they help take part in all of                this.  This is also helpful for getting ready to decorate for Christmas.  Everything must have a place            in the house.  My mom and I are very much alike in this area.  She has always said “If someone                    asks me for a paper clip, I want to be able to tell them right where it is.”  A paper clip is just a                      random example to say if someone asks for it, I want to know if I have it and where it would be!  

What do we do with all of this stuff?

Sometimes we have a garage sale.  Sometimes we take it to clothing/toy drop off locations.  And sometimes we find other families that could use these things and give it to them.  This is my favorite!  

The initial clean out and organizing can be draining.  However, if you clean out and organize your house 3 times a year it just gets easier and easier.  

When my family does our clean outs, we are all involved.  My rule is “Everything in and outside the house must be touched.”  

Please trust me…if you do this, you will feel so much better about your home.

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Katherine and her husband, Justin, were both born and raised in Lindale. They were the best of friends in Junior High and High School. They started dating at 16 and married at 20. Right after High School they attended SFA together. After college, they were missionaries in Washington state for a year. When she got a call from her sister saying she was pregnant, she told her husband it was time to move back to Texas. Family is a big deal to her. She has been a teacher in Lindale for 10 years. After years of infertility they were blessed with a son, Dryver and she stayed home with him for 3 years. He is 10 now and totally awesome! Her husband is also a teacher and he coaches football and track. They are big fans of any sport! On the weekends they are at a sporting event, camping or curled up with a good book and a big cup of coffee. They have fostered 7 children over the past 2 years. They recently adopted one of their foster loves. A 5 year old boy named Fielder. They are looking forward to all that God has in store for them in this crazy life as they parent these 2 crazy-fun-full of energy boys!