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P.K., megs, ankle breaking, and center-mid were all strange soccer terms to me more than two years ago. Fast forward, and I am now a loud and proud #soccermom and use these words like a pro (maybe even embarrassing my boys in the process)!

Admittedly, the boys were questioned when I first heard them say “ankle-breaking”. We don’t break ankles, I thought. The boys were quick to coach me that “ankle breaking” is a quick movement gliding past a defender. Ok, I’m cool with that!

Game times are always insane! 8:00 on a Saturday morning is not my cup of tea, but you can guarantee I will be there in my folding chair, wearing team colors, and ready for side line cheers no matter the time. The key to getting to these early games? Me: a baseball cap for bed head and a strong cup of coffee. The boys: uniforms set out the night before and a nutritious breakfast to keep them on their “A” game. 

Post Cereals, the official sponsor of MLS (Major League Soccer), proudly supports soccer and soccer families as the entire family prepares for game day. When we have our Post Cereal, it’s going to be an awesome ankle breaking game!

Soccer Mom approved, here is a list of our favorites offered by Post Cereal: 

  • Honey Bunches of Oats® is a favorite among my entire family. With its combination of crispy and sweet flakes, honey drizzled crunchy clusters, this cereal is a staple for breakfast and dinner alike!
  • Pebbles ™ cereal literally rocks! The crunchy rice with fun characters makes this classic a go-to for any soccer mom.
  • With its fruity flavor and rainbow- colored sweetened rice, Fruity Pebbles™ cereal is a fun breakfast too yummy to pass up. But don’t think of Pebbles ™ and Fruity Pebbles™ as just a cereal; use some out of the box thinking as they are useful in a variety of snacks. Check out some of these delicious recipes here.
  • And my absolute favorite Post Cereal … insert a little team chant here to get the excitement growing … is Cocoa Pebbles™. This sweetened crispy rice cereal feeds my chocolate cravings and who else loves the chocolatey milk left in the bowl after the pebbles have been devoured? 
This summer, collect limited edition MLS cereal packages with Topps MLS player card cut-outs!

More great news for all the soccer families out there: Head over to Ibotta where, in July, Post Cereals will be running a sweepstakes for a chance to win $25 or $100. It’s as easy as buying two or four boxes to be entered into a drawing for gift cards. Download the app to sign up!

I’ll leave you with a game clenching tease:

Catch our FACEBOOK LIVE on the week of June 24th to see how you can win 1 0F 3 Summer Soccer Mom Survival Kits presented by Post Cereals.

This kit includes an insulated backpack, yes, I said backpack, because moms never have enough hands! Inside is everything a soccer mom needs to keep their kiddos fueled and safe from sunburns, knee scrapes, and chapped lips! And leave it to Post Cereals to think of those delayed games or unexpected down times at the fields. They’ve even included a pretty awesome soccer coloring book to keep the “I’m bored’s” at bay!

Post Cereals and MLS Soccer Mom Survival Kit

Until then, keep on ankle breaking and I hope your child’s P.K. (penalty kick) finds the back of the goal every time!

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While we are in partnership with Post Cereals, these soccer mom survival tips are most definitely our own!

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