Less Conventional Self-Care | East Texas Moms


Face masks are great but have you tried crockpot liners?

Not as part of some odd beauty routine – just for their intended purpose…

Crockpot liners say self-care to me.

I loathe washing cumbersome dishes! It was a small point of contention for a while in my marriage.

I would always leave the pots and pans for my husband to tend to. Sometimes kindly, sometimes with frustration, he’d wash them. Sometimes I’d have to relent and do it.

I can handle anything that fits well and comes clean in the dishwasher.

Oh pitiful me, yes, I know how it must sound. Here I spill my first world problems to you.

There was a time I would have mocked such an unnecessary luxury.

Sure, I can wash a crock pot! But I don’t want to.

And for 50 cents more, I really don’t have to. And yes, it seems a bit sketchy to cook a meal in a thin veil of plastic. But it’s quote, “BPA free.” So there’s that.

And For 50 cents, there’s no soaking or scrubbing needed!

Real talk: for 50 cents and the ease it makes of clean up, I won’t neglect it long enough for the contents to become questionable. There’s the saving grace!

I can save that time and trouble; cook and clean and feel like the domestic goddess I am.

So fellow homemakers, don your fancy face masks, line your crock pots and take care of yourselves.


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