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A couple of years ago my husband planted two peach trees. For two years, the carpenter ants ate all the leaves. Last year something came and took every single peach one night just as they were ripening. But THIS YEAR…we finally got peaches!

I am completely happy just eating a peach whole, putting it on my yogurt or making a traditional cobbler. But with our influx of peaches, I started looking for other creative ways to incorporate them into our menus.

Here are a few links to some peach recipes I’m currently enjoying:

Grilled Peaches

You’re grilling burgers anyway, so why not throw some peach halves on the grill? It’s so easy and makes for a simple and light dessert. It’s a nice change-up. Or tastes especially great served with pork or chicken.

Peach Salsa

I am on board with any ingredient that you can add into a Tex-Mex type situation. So this salsa is perfect. I ate it on fish and also with tortilla chips. Planning to serve over chicken as well.

Peach & Feta Salad

This salad is a nice change from the norm. I didn’t make the dressing and just used a balsamic dressing from the grocery store.

Peach Mojitos

If you’re into fun cocktails, you can find all kinds of ways to add peaches to your drinks. For me, this Mojito was a total win because all I had to do was take the peaches to my neighbor and he made the drinks for us!

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