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It was this time last summer that I realized I didn’t want to spend ALL THE TIME on social media anymore. My brain felt full, but not full of the good stuff, just mushy and cluttered. I wanted something different and new. My mom and sister and several friends are ALWAYS talking about books. For a long time, I didn’t get it. What was so great about sitting still and reading? Wasn’t reading something you did if you didn’t have anything else to do. You know, like out of boredom?

UMMMMM….the answer is a BIG NO!

And I decided May of 2019 to give this whole reading for fun thing a try. I started with The Sun is Also a Star and LOVED it! It was an easy read and I really enjoyed the love story in it. I challenged myself at that point to work really hard and intentionally (so as to not find myself wasting time on social media when I could be reading) to get a book a week read from May to December that year. I found myself not only reading books, but also listening to audio books while I exercised. One of my favorite audio books from 2019 was Bob Goff’s Everybody Always. I would listen to this one at night before I went to bed. Such a good book with so many uplifting stories.

As I made my way into 2020, I had completed 29 books. Among those from 2019 was the classic book To Kill A Mockingbird, which then led me to Just Mercy (if you choose one book from this post….choose THIS ONE!). THIS taught me so much and it then led me to a story of a local man who was wrongly convicted and spent 25 years in prison. His story was told in his memoir, Getting Life: An Innocent Man’s 25 Year Journey from Prison to Peace. So many good reads and SO MUCH learning.

bookwormAs I began to read more and more I was introduced to a whole world of other readers and bookworms on the book lover trend, Bookstagram. That’s right, there is a whole world out there of social media accounts just for books. I have found some that I love to follow. A few of my favorites are:

Goodland Book Club

Read With Jamie

What Jill Reads

It’s been such a fun journey learning to love books. I’m old school when it comes to books and having the real thing. I love mail day and the library. I love to turn pages and see actual progress. However, I did get an E-reader for Mother’s Day and I have also loved having multiple books housed there AND being able to read outside without a glare.

Are you a bookworm? Tell me what books you’ve read lately and if you have a favorite author! I love chatting about all things books!

Happy Reading!

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