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During the Quarantine of 2020, we got creative. We clearly had some time on our hands and decided to spice up dinner one night during the week. My youngest daughter had seen somewhere online where a family had transformed their home into a Disney-Themed evening so with the extra time that we had, we used it to get creative. There were some “rules” that we applied. Because we weren’t really going into stores at this point, everything really had to be at our house already. We sent out the invitation to our family and said, with only things you find around your house, come dressed as a Disney character.

The Characters that arrived…








































We had the best time and kept our characters a secret until the arrival! We spent most of the day decorating and prepping the meal. Because we had the extra time and had to use what we could find around the house, we were able to “throw” this together in a day or two. We gave each food a name and did make things a little theatrical for show.

We even brought out the “fine China” to make it a bit more formal. White tables clothes and a multi-course meal. What a fun evening!

Fun Fun

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