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Written by Guest Contributor: Amy Thibodeaux

Colorful mums have arrived at the local nurseries and grocery stores, People are going nuts over anything pumpkin related. The sweater tote has been brought down from storage.

These are all signs of the times: The NFL football season is in full swing.

Football is available nearly every day and night from now until that last whistle blows, concluding the Super Bowl in February. I am not a woman who dresses for game-day nor do I paint my face and hurl words of encouragement toward the television. But I can give tidbits of advice to any woman who is interested on how one might survive this seasonal-craze if pig-skin-playing is not your passion. 

I love, love my football passionate husband.  He is the rock of our family, our true north. He has played ball all of his life, he is STILL playing and we both are sporting more silver highlights than we would have ever imagined.

His silver highlights are now evident along his jawline since he chooses to shave his head. But I am getting off point. My husband has been managing his spare time around his favorite NFL team for a very long time.  He has rocked babies to sleep while watching a game. He has patiently watched games while our little girls danced in front of him. He has folded an untold amount of laundry as I carted baskets in and out of the den over the years. He has even colored my hair for me while watching a game. That probably was not a wise choice but it grew out so all is well. Point being, I think a woman that has been around a few games can and should help other less experienced ladies out. 

Very early on, I learned that if I wanted him to converse with me about something, I had to do it at the commercial break.  Otherwise, he is not liable for what was heard or not heard. 

As aforementioned, SAVE LAUNDRY FOLDING FOR GAME DAY! I don’t care that NFL can stand for NOT FOR LAUNDRY. It’s a perfect match.  It is quiet. It does not require much focus. Perfect. 

Choose game-day friendly food.  Unless you have a flat-screen on the patio, save any outside food prep for another time of the day. 

If you are not interested in watching the game, this is the perfect time to schedule some me-time.  The salon, the boutiques, the quiet dock at the lake, sister-time… the list is limitless. Chances are that he will be very happy to have the house to himself.  

For bookworms, this is a great time to snuggle next to your honey with your book.  Yes, there will be interruptions, but this is manageable. And if the weather permits a crackling fire in the fireplace, even better!

There are so many adjustments to learning to share life with another human-being. These adjustments are not mentioned often in wedding planning articles nor on social media.

And that’s probably why it’s called “wedding planning” not “marriage planning”.  It takes a huge amount of give and take to experience life with someone you love. Football game-watching is just a tiny part of what you may have to learn to tweak in your relationship. So, grab your comfy throw, charge your phone, chill the wine and get ready for some wonderful memories just waiting to be made. GO COWBOYS!

About Amy Thibodeaux:

With a career background in human resources, office management and a LOT of “Other Duties as Assigned”, Amy is now retired from corporate work. A fourth generation Texan, Amy splits her time between family in East Texas and in South Texas.  After years of momma-ing and grandmother-ing, she is learning to pay attention to things she enjoys: Sunrise walks on the beach with her husband – Buccee’s coffee in hand; exploring local historical sites and quaint coffeehouses with new friends; saltwater fishing; reading historical fiction and of course, occasional writing for East Texas Moms Blog.


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