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christmas funIn recent years we started a FUN new tradition. With a birthday, an anniversary and multiple Christmas celebrations in the month of December, we decided that a family Christmas Kickoff would be a fun way to start the holiday off right. Each year my parents gift all of the kids and grandkids a pair of (usually matching) pajamas. We quickly realized that waiting until Christmas Eve to gift these didn’t leave us much time to enjoy them so we gather together for food, games and a craft on the first Saturday of December. EVERYONE gets in on the fun. We spend time visiting as we eat and craft and then we end our evening opening our first package of the season. WE LOVE our Christmas PJs and look forward to this so much.

christmas funTHE FOOD….

Food is my love language. Ok not the only one, but it’s a big one. And make it a theme and I’m yours forever! Food is a fun way to spice up any “event”. We do just that with our Christmas Kickoff. My husband really gets most of the credit on this. He is wonderful in the kitchen and pays close attention to details. We get the most festive with our drinks. Cranberries and sprigs of Rosemary in a festive pink drink. We’ve kept it simple like soups in a crockpot and we’ve gone a bit extravagant with Tri-tip steak. YUM! Last year we let the kids pick dessert and we made milkshakes with some yummy mix ins.

christmas funTHE CRAFT…

This is my department. I love looking for a fun, somewhat simple craft for all 10 of us to do. The men even get in on it. No one gets to sit this one out! We’ve made Reindeer food, Reindeer paintings with a carwash sponge and our hands, ribbon christmas trees and decorated Stockings for the Christmas Cruise we went on. (I may have burned myself real bad with a glue gun one year…OUCH. That was not fun!) Finding a craft is a challenge, but oh so fun to do and everyone looks forward to it. (Or at least they fake it and make me think they are excited…I’m looking at you Juju. wink, wink)


This may be the most challenging part and it all falls on my mom. Matching jammies have been a thing since the husbands joined the family. It’s only gotten more and more fun as we’ve added kiddos to the mix. It’s fun to all show up Christmas morning in our jammies. We obviously know what the gift is that we are opening but we typically don’t know what the jammies will look like. That’s a fun little surprise!


What’s something fun you do with your family and friends? Tell us in the comments!


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