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If you’ve never dipped into the Hallmark Christmas movie cinematic universe, here’s every plot in 8 scenes:

  1. Girl is engaged to someone (City Dude).  He commits the unforgivable sin of having a job (gasp, horror).  City Dude’s cell phone rings at dinner – it’s (pearl clutch) WORK!  He takes phone call.  Girl is saaaaaad.
  2. Series of strange events occur including but not limited to flight mix-up, family business crumbling, a rustic cabin needs to be bought and paved over with condos.  Said events force girl to leave the big, heartless Christmas-hating city and travel to small town ‘Murica.
  3. Girl meets Country Mouse – it does not go well, they continue to run into each other over the course of 2 days.  There’s no chemistry and they don’t like each other and have nothing in common, but CM is the correct combination of emotionally available and tragic.  Country Mouse has a secret passion of whittling gnome Christmas ornaments out of pecan shells.  Girl is very into it.
  4. Girl trips and/or spills stuff so as to ensure that she remains #relatable, because beautiful women can only be protagonists if they are clumsy and need halllppppp.  There’s a mean woman who is about to emerge in heels – she’s equally as beautiful but you know she’s the bad one because she doesn’t fall.
  5. Series of romantic Christmas situations – frosting on nose, snowball fight with more falling, interrupted kiss scene. 
  6. City Dude tries to push sale of the gingerbread bakery/holiday stool factory/evergreen tree orphanage.  Those mid-century condos are not going to build themselves…
  7. Girl breaks up with City Dude and saves Country Mouse’s  pecan whittling business with savvy social media marketing – turns out the people are CRAZY for pecan gnomes.
  8. Girl and Country Mouse kiss under the mistletoe and rush off to the annual Ice Basket Festival which also happens to save the town from turning into condos (don’t think about it too much).  Song and credits.

OK!  You know the basics, now it’s time to party. 

You will need to assemble 3-5 women who like to eat foods, drink drinks and understand sarcasm.  You will also need 1 prize for the BINGO winner and markers. 

Print BINGO cards

There are 6 different cards in this printable – ENJOY!  Yes, Karen, the cards are all different.  Karen is an Enneagram 1, just give her some wine, because she needs to move towards 7 to be healthier…

Choose your movie wisely, because if it’s exceptionally sappy you will need 3 more bottles of wine.  Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have all gotten on board with this genre.  Don’t feel like you have to get cable or a Hallmark subscription.

I recommend simple BINGO rules – 5 in a row, please don’t do a 4 corners game – your guests will rebel.  Eat, drink, make snarky comments and play you some BINGO.  For 1.5 glorious hours do not think of any tasks, chores or travel plans.


Party on, kids!



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