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It’s that time of year!

I love everything about Christmas. Hot chocolate, Christmas movies, homes decorated with lights, fire places rolling with a warm fire, time with family eating high caloric food (which we will all regret…but that’s what January is for!) and of course celebrating our faith with our kids. 

With all of the wonderfulness of the holidays also comes the BUSINESS. It is incredibly easy to say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and some more yeses in the just over one month span between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It seems like there are a million parties to attend, a million gifts to wrap, a million presents to buy, a million casseroles to make, and a million cookies to bake and eat. 

And you WANT to give your kids all the special memories associated with this season.

And I’m all about that. 

I love doing ALL.THE.THINGS. with my kids during the holidays. Unfortunately, to do all the things means something has to be sacrificed. 

Sadly, what ends up getting put on the back burner is your marriage. Even before we had kids, me and my husband started to realize this. It’s just so easy to get busy and forget that your marriage still needs some TLC. 

Want to know something you can do to help refocus before Christmas? 

Plan a date night!

Here’s what we typically do – we go on a pre-Christmas date night usually December 23. We try to shoot for dinner sometime that evening just us (out to eat) because we are usually off on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and those days are booked for family time. So before the craziness of presents, and kids hyped up on candy and cookies, we just take some time for ourselves. 

No last minute Christmas shopping, no last minute making plans for the next few days of craziness. Nope, it’s just us. My husband really likes to take this time to reflect on the past year, things that happened, how our marriage has been, what have we done well and what can we work on in our family, etc. 

It’s just a nice time to actually TALK. Talk about how much we love our life, our family, what God has done this past year, and what we’d love to do the next year. 

It’s really not anything fancy, but it’s so meaningful to take this special time for your marriage and really invest in one another and kind of close down this past year. It’s nice to be able to just reflect on the good and bad and talk about how God has used that to change our family or bring us closer together, or grow us, etc. 

We don’t have a “list” we work from, but in case this is your first time I absolutely want to give you something you can print out and take on your date! 

I’d LOVE for you to follow up with me on how it went ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Here’s some questions to get the conversation rolling: 

  1. What is the most positive memorable event of this past year?
  2. What is the event this past year that was your biggest struggle?
  3. What has God been showing you this past year?
  4. What would you like to do this upcoming year? (Professionally? Family? Marriage? Spiritually? Health? Personal Development?)
  5. What is your favorite marriage memory from this past year?
  6. What is your favorite family memory from this past year?
  7. What would you like for us as a couple to do to strengthen our relationship over this next year? 
  8. What can I do for you on a weekly basis to show you how much I love you?
  9. How can we show the kids how much we love them over this next year (ie – more calendared family times…)
  10. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do that we could start working/saving toward this year?

Feel free to add more questions to this list! But hopefully this is a great conversation starter for you and your husband for your Christmas date night. 

Merry Christmas!!!

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