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I am so giddy as I type this! I am planning a trip with my sister. To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, it really is a GIANT deal! Here are the reasons you should be planning a “Sister Trip” too. 

Reconnecting and reminiscing is important. 

I love my sister’s kids and I know she loves mine. With that being said, no kids are allowed on this trip. I know that sounds mean, in a “how can you deprive your kids of time with their cousins?” kind of way.
Let me just say this: When our kids are around, we NEVER get to have a conversation. EVER. We are constantly being interrupted. If we are not stopping an argument, cooking food, or kissing away boo-boos, then we are trying to talk over five kids under the age of 8. 
I crave conversations with her. I want to talk about memories we share about growing up, that somehow are always remembered differently by us both. I want time to laugh and cry and laugh so hard that we cry. I want to wear comfy clothes, eat junk food, and watch movies we have seen a hundred times. I want to sleep in (past 7:00 a.m.) and drink coffee while it’s hot with her. 

 Sharing in an adventure builds new memories.

I want to tell my kids about the fun weekend I had with their aunt. I want them to know that loving and enjoying time with your siblings should be something you are always willing to do. While we are on our trip, we are going to do something out of our comfort zone. I’m not sure what that will be yet, but we are going to agree on something that we can either laugh about or cry about later! 

Life is short, so spend time together.

This last one is never easy to admit. Things happen everyday that make us all more aware that tomorrow is not promised. If we are given the opportunity to spend time with the ones we love, we should grab it by the horns and do it. If a sibling/cousin/relative relationship is not what it should be, change the narrative. It is never too late to mend the broken pieces or to forgive someone. A trip with them may be awkward, but it could change everything! 

If any of my reasons have made you want to plan your own “Sister Trip,” please share your ideas, because I am still planning ours! Maybe something in East Texas?

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  1. Enjoy your time together!!! I never got to know my half sister as she was 24 years older than me. The last time I did see her was the day my dad passed away and she had been drinking. It was not good. She passed away and I didn’t know until afterwards. Not telling this as a downer…. just confirmation of you and sister finding time to be together!!!! Family time is so precious so wishing you two a memorable sister trip!!! Love you both! SandyGrams

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