Quick Start on Going Low Tox in Your House | East Texas Moms


My husbands jokes all the time about how “crunchy” we have become over the years. I had no idea that this word even existed until I had to start going gluten free. That was about the same time I was pregnant with my first and I was really interested in baby wearing. Well with those two interests in my Pinterest search history, my feed became flooded with this kind of lifestyle – a low toxic, organic, and even homesteading lifestyle.

Fast forward several years later, I would call our lifestyle fairly low tox. I know several people who live even more lox-toxic than we are but we definitely lean that way.

I do have people ask me how to get started because it can be really overwhelming!

A lot of people who get started down the path of cutting out toxins from their home do so because of a kid who finds out they have severe allergies, a new health diagnosis, or even just a friend who has started selling “all natural” products.

So, you ready for this? Here’s my guide to get started going low tox! This is basic y’all…like anyone can do this!

  1. What’s is actually in “perfume”? This is one of the biggest concerns among people who are big into going tox free. Several issues here – it’s undisclosed by each company (proprietary blends), it’s currently not regulated well, and for many people it can cause allergic reactions. You can read more about this elsewhere but this is the easiest place to start. Basically, go through your house and start clearing out colognes, perfumes, and anything with artificial fragrance in it. Especially if it is going onto your skin or your are breathing it in. You can replace most of your soaps, shampoos, candles, and lotions via Amazon if you just search fragrance free or perfume free.
  2. Quit drinking soft drinks. Sugar, chemicals, and weight gain. I drink them every now and then but I just don’t buy them because then I get tempted! Ha! And after I haven’t had them for a while, the first sip again is TERRIBLE! I found a great cream soda I like that seems to be on the low tox side. It’s called “Flying Cauldrons” and the Brookshires at Rice Road currently carries it. Cream soda is my jam and when I want to treat myself, and I love this brand. It’s not “healthy” but it’s comparatively better.
  3. The dirty dozen – buy organic if possible. According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) these are the fruits and veggies that have the most pesticide residue on them. So if you are looking to clean up your toxic load in your house, buy organic on these items.
  4. Switch to all natural cleaning products. You can do a LOT of cleaning with basic ingredients that you can find in your pantry! Always start in an inconspicuous area when using new cleaners, but you can find pretty much any recipe on Pinterest, or again, turn to Amazon. Make sure to read reviews first! But basic ideas – clean your bathtubs with baking soda, toilets with vinegar, mop with a steam mop. We also use Dr. Bronners and dilute it down for all of our hand washing soaps. It’s like $13 at Target/Amazon but lasts FOREVER once you dilute it down correctly.
  5. Keep your shoes outside. Seriously. I cannot tell you how many people I know who walk around inside in their shoes after going to work, school, the grocery store, to feed animals, and into public restrooms. They take off their shoes and walk right back through that same path barefoot. You guys, if this is you, stop and think about this. Just take off your shoes at the door and then walk inside. That way, when your floors are mopped, they actually stay clean. You are bringing in all kinds of germs and bacteria into your house on your shoes. Where you eat. Where your kids run around and babies crawl on the floor. Yikes!
  6. Lastly, don’t feel like you gotta get it perfect. I’m all about any step in the right direction is still a great step! You don’t have to wear all organic make-up and hang herbs and crystals all around your house. Living low tox is all about helping your family lighten your toxic load even just a little bit. Because every little bit helps!

Well friend, I hope this helps you on your journey towards low tox living! Start with these, even just 1 of these. Then when you feel like you can add on one more, do it then. Once you have implemented these, search for other ways you can help your body lighten it’s toxic load!

It’s hard to make changes, especially if you didn’t grow up that way, but my gut tells me that if you are reading this article you are already thinking about how this might have a positive impact on your children and their health.