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A Series about Fun!

Having fun sounds like a lot of FUN. Being an introverted mother of two active boys and also dealing with anxiety makes having fun a bit of a challenge. But I know moms who have a crazier schedule than I do that are having fun. On social media, I see other moms with anxiety having fun. I have come to the conclusion that there are little lies I tell myself that keep me from having fun. Here is what I am planning to do about these tall tales inside of my head and get out there and have more fun:

My Schedule is Too Busy for Fun

Afterschool practice, homework, extra-curricular activities, weekend games, etc… these are just a few of the things my boys participate in every week and weekend. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, keeping the boys on track with school and above mention activities, etc … this is just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, I am one busy momma.

Where in the heck am I going to schedule in some fun? The answer came to me from my nine-year-old: It was an absolutely beautiful Fall day when I picked up our youngest from school. “Mom! Have you been outside?” he asked. “It’s sooooo pretty!” He went on to explain that during recess, his shoe fell off while swinging. The cool air felt so good coming through his socks that he kicked off his other shoe and went on swinging with no shoes. This pure, simple act brought him so much joy and happiness that he even shared the story with his brother. This got me thinking: if my child, who was inside all day except for recess, could enjoy the incredible weather, I could find some wiggle room in my schedule for fun as well. Fun may not be a full-on party but it can happen in small moments around us.

Anxiety Keeps Me From Having Fun

Ok. This is sometimes a very true statement. Anxiety is ugly- real, and if you face it, you get what I’m talking about. There are some days that a trip to Walmart freaks me out. Yet the next day I might be out in a crowd and anxiety has taken a back seat. You just never know when it’s going to pop up. Planning brings out the anxiety in me. If I know I have to be somewhere at a certain time, I sometimes freak out.

Things that play in my head: What if I’m late … or too early? What if they don’t like me? What if I say something ridiculous? What if I act awkward? And, I know this sounds vain … it’s really just insecurities, but what if I don’t look ok? The “what if’s” made me realize that, when dealing with anxiety and trying to have fun, I take a reactive approach instead of being proactive. My plan: I am going to try to be proactive when it comes to living and having fun.

Introverts Don’t Have Fun

Bahahaha! If I find myself not having fun, I try to sneak this little white lie in my head. Introverts DO have fun … it just looks different sometimes. This can be difficult with social media. I see friends posting pictures of parties; couples on a date and the jealousy kicks in. But I have to remember that this isn’t always my style of fun. A night over at my parents’ house listening to Nana debate with Daddy about the amount of tequila in her margarita is FUN. A date night out with just my husband trying new restaurants is FUN. Swinging over a twenty feet drop on a web swing is FUN (odd, I know, but I had to throw that one in there).

Moral of this story: Your fun may not look like someone else’s fun, and that’s OK!

Do you find yourself facing hurdles that prevent you from having fun? I would love to hear how you overcome these hurdles as well as your thoughts!


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