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When our kids are growing up, they have so many options for extracurricular activities. When I was three years old, my mother put me in dance classes. I have fond memories of growing up with my friends from other schools in my dance class. I made friends and learned so many important things about movement. I changed my dance classes each year. I took Jazz Dance, Clogging, Tap Dance, Lyrical Dance and some others for which I forget the names.

I decided that the year I turned 13 I would stop taking dance class. I received a trophy for 10 years at my last recital and I remember thinking that my mother couldn’t be disappointed in me because I had put in those ten years. By the time I was 13, I was interested in soccer, boys and things that had nothing to do with wearing a glittery costume and dancing on stage.

Fast forward to now.

I find that the workouts that I enjoy the most are the ones that are inspired by dance. Zumba workouts, yoga and barre are all examples of workouts I may never have tried if it wasn’t for my dance experience.  It amazes me because all of those years I thought I only stayed with my dance classes because I was trying not to let my mother down. As it turns out, that guilt was self-imposed because I actually enjoyed those classes and have taken away a great deal from them.

This always makes me think about my own children and what they will learn from their extra-curricular activities.

We always give the kids a choice. If they don’t want to try an activity, we are not going to force it. If they try an activity and they don’t like it, they still have to finish out the season or enrollment period. They can then choose to not do it anymore. If children can take away a good lesson or memory from their activities, I believe we can mark that in the “win” category.

In case anyone is interested in movement for your body, check out some of our local options here.

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