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If you want to try a cleanse, try cleansing your social media feed.

Before you restrict your diet, restrict who you let speak into your life. Choose wisely who you allow to influence your thoughts.

At some point in my years of a “weight loss” journey it became a “fitness” journey. Then that became simply an evolving journey of personal growth and development.

Restrictive diets and binges, or “cheat meals”, became intuitive eating or fueling my body to enjoy the moments; just eating … and living in a way that doesn’t put focus on food, calories or make things strictly “good” or “bad.”

At some point, my self-talk shifted from loathing and negative to respectful, gracious and even loving.

Of course I still have my moments, but overall it’s much improved.

Along the way, I learned that I don’t need to apologize or explain away why I didn’t have on makeup. It’s completely okay to show up as you are. It’s also fine to go full glam or anywhere in between.

At one point this summer I noticed my stretch marks and then noticed I didn’t feel the need to cover them up! They’re normal. It’s fine.

And rolls, even most ‘fit’ girls have them.

One day, with a sick little boy’s head resting on my stomach, I appreciated it’s softness.

Usually, I appreciate my body for its’ strength; enough to keep up with three kids.

Though this journey, started purely out of vanity, I now have an appreciation for all my body did, even when I hated it, when I punished it and when I was careless with it.

My perspective has changed with age, experience and knowledge. And perhaps by listening to some of mom’s passed-down wisdom, “garbage in – garbage out!”

Instagram, known for being the highlight reel; dragging us in to a comparison game, doesn’t have to be. Instead of setting myself up for jealousy I un-followed any accounts that sparked such feelings.

I curated a feed full of influencers who champion for self love and acceptance. Body positivity and women supporting women – it is a vibe that’s catching and I’m here for it.

Less #BodyGoals and more #SoWhatIfWeJiggle

That’s not to say we don’t set goals and strive to be our best – but our best is not a mimicked version of someone else and even more so – the ‘perfect’ version they’d have you see.

Self-love or confidence isn’t only believing you’re beautiful, though you should; it’s recognizing your worth is the same at every stage, size and season of life; our bodies are meant to change. They’re amazing for the capability to do so.

I know if our social media feeds weren’t just overloaded with photoshopped, cropped, perfectly posed, filtered images and there were more representations of real, natural, normal, diverse, “flawed” yet perfect people, we would be better off.

It’s easier to love ourselves and accept others when we let go of the unrealistic standards and embrace how beautiful, capable and unique we are meant to be.

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Kelly Griffith-Fields
Texas girl, Christian, welder’s wife, boy mom, writer, minimalist-wannabe, homemaker and cupcake baker extraordinaire - Kelly’s a lot of things. She knows two sides of Texas as home, the coast and now Tyler. Here, long ago in her church youth group she met a boy, they married shortly after high school and over twelve years later they’re still in love. They have three sons; she keeps up with them by drinking coffee like a Gilmore. She’s become well versed in superhero story lines and wears a lot of Marvel graphic tees. But she often pairs them with jeans and heels to maintain a shred of femininity. She’s also a big fan of a good red lipstick for the same reason.


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