Fitness Friday: At Home Yoga


My current season does not allow room for a good workout. I could get up at 4:00 and fit one in, but then all other aspects of my life would crumble. I need sleep more than I “need” a good workout. So I could, but I won’t. It’s not a priority for me right now. Some days I’m glad to get in a shower.

But as I creep toward 40, I see that some kind of “working out” has to happen if not for my health then at least for my sanity.  I also realized that working out is a personal endeavor and that I have to do what works for me. My “work out” would be laughable to the gym queen.

Yoga is my go-to in this busy season. 

I love yoga. Going to a yoga class is relaxing and empowering. I feel strong and confident when I leave a yoga class stretched out and sweaty. I also like to lay around for a few minutes without interruption. Unfortunately, I’m not motivated enough to make it to a class right now. 

Podcasts are my solution. has a lot of free 20-30 minute podcasts that fit right into my schedule. I can dust off my yoga mat and get a few minutes of stretching in. A Pilates mat class clears my mind and leaves me feeling like I’ve done something good for my body. 

My favorite classes are  “Episode 9: Yoga for Buns”, “Episode 48a: Mat Pilates”, and all of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Flow classes. 

Yoga Download provides these classes for free but requests a donation be made if you find a class you love and listen to regularly. They also have a website and monthly subscription plan. 

There are a lot of other yoga podcasts that are great. I pick classes based on the sound of the teacher. The classes I enjoy may not be good for you, but there are plenty of options. 

If you too avoid the gym or running, maybe this barefoot, chill at home option would work for you. Being able to stay home and save money works best with my chaotic life right now. 

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