“Y’all” and “Fixin” were things this born and raised Ohioan never thought would become part of her daily vocabulary. After graduating from Muskingum University with a degree in journalism, Merrideth found herself a true-blooded East Texan and followed him down here. Nine years and many cultural lessons later, Merrideth is learning to balance life as a teacher, wife to a busy entrepreneur, and mother to three kids. She has a mild obsession with reading books before they become movies, Mexican food, and any song by George Strait. Since becoming a Texas transplant, she has committed to living a more active and healthy lifestyle. Travel is her love language! Before she turns the big 4-0, she plans to learn how to Texas two-step, visit Italy with her husband, and publish a novel. You can get to know her better by visiting her blog at

Day Dates With a Girlfriend | East Texas Moms

Summer, summer, what has happened to you? No water parks, less activities available, no parties. I push my kiddos outside and then its 100 degrees and they come right back in. This mama has been...

Easy Summer Recipes | East Texas Moms

With the arrival of summer, comes the planning of celebrations. Even if you won’t be “gathering” to celebrate summer holidays, chances are, food will still be a necessity. Here are some submitted recipe ideas...
summer learning

Summer: Keep Them Educated | East Texas Moms

Let’s be real. Those first few weeks of summer break are about rest and relaxation. You let the kiddos sleep in, you take them swimming and they get to recharge their battery! Then we get...

Mental Health and a Pandemic | East Texas Moms

By now, we all know that our world isn’t going back to our usual normal. We aren’t going places with large groups of people, church has not physically been open, and we have been home...
stress eating

How to Avoid Stress Eating | East Texas Moms

This seems to be a very stressful time. I know that in the last 5 days alone, I have caught myself eating things I would never normally eat. When things get rough, we tend...

Spring Break East Texas Style | East Texas Moms

Spring Break East Texas Style Maybe spring break does not look like a ski trip or a week in the Caribbean. Maybe spring break is staying home, resting and enjoying what you have near you....
party planning

Party Planning Anxiety is Real | East Texas Moms

My daughter will be two in May. Long-gone are the days of buying or making a cake and everyone just showing up to celebrate. I’m four months out and I am already making my lists...
dance class

It All Comes Together | East Texas Moms

When our kids are growing up, they have so many options for extracurricular activities. When I was three years old, my mother put me in dance classes. I have fond memories of growing up...

Sister Trip | East Texas Moms

I am so giddy as I type this! I am planning a trip with my sister. To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, it really is...
school nurse

An Interview With A School Nurse | East Texas Moms Blog

School is back in full-swing! Our district has been back in school for 5 weeks now. We started school a little earlier this year, which means that the first round of dreaded “sickness” has already...