“Y’all” and “Fixin” were things this born and raised Ohioan never thought would become part of her daily vocabulary. After graduating from Muskingum University with a degree in journalism, Merrideth found herself a true-blooded East Texan and followed him down here. Nine years and many cultural lessons later, Merrideth is learning to balance life as a teacher, wife to a busy entrepreneur, and mother to three kids. She has a mild obsession with reading books before they become movies, Mexican food, and any song by George Strait. Since becoming a Texas transplant, she has committed to living a more active and healthy lifestyle. Travel is her love language! Before she turns the big 4-0, she plans to learn how to Texas two-step, visit Italy with her husband, and publish a novel. You can get to know her better by visiting her blog at

Sister Trip | East Texas Moms

I am so giddy as I type this! I am planning a trip with my sister. To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, it really is...
school nurse

An Interview With A School Nurse | East Texas Moms Blog

School is back in full-swing! Our district has been back in school for 5 weeks now. We started school a little earlier this year, which means that the first round of dreaded “sickness” has already...

My Kids Have Mild PTSD | East Texas Moms Blog

Last week after school, my two sons and I headed to the house where my youngest stays during the day with her amazing sitter. When we left school, I noticed it was getting cloudy...

Why Reading is Better Than a Trip | East Texas Moms Blog

Reading a book is better than any vacation. Let me say that again. Reading a book is better than a trip to the Caribbean ocean, better than a ski trip in the mountains, and better...
choosing words

Choosing Words | East Texas Moms Blog

I find myself choosing my words with extra care these days. In my early 20’s I was taught a harsh lesson that we all need to learn. I was 20 years old. I was stupid....

Saying Goodbye To Breastfeeding | East Texas Moms Blog

There are so many feelings wrapped into breastfeeding a child. A few of the first ones that come to mind are: anxiety, fear, failure, connection, love, respect, determination, and pride. I know that breastfeeding isn’t...
end of school

Let’s Just Make it

There is one giant ball of stress building. It is called “End of School” stress. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill anxiety. Oh no. This is the smack-you in-the-face, pull-your-pants-down-around-your- ankles, and spit-gum-in-your-hair type of strain.  If...

Yes, Yelling at My Kids Makes Me a Better Mom | East Texas Moms...

You did not read that wrong. Before we all get in a tizzy about yelling and how it is hurtful, please give me a chance to explain.  Before I had kids, I always imagined what...
handwritten letter

The Art of the Handwritten Letter | East Texas Moms Blog

Today, the text messages we receive are a far cry from the days when taking time to sit down and write out a letter by hand was considered normal. When thinking back to a simpler...

A Mum is Not Just a Potted Plant and Other Things to Know About...

When I moved to Texas nine years ago, I knew there would be things that would be different. I was sure that I was in for a few surprises and I was even looking...