Howdy ETMB readers, meet Lisa. She has the great privilege of being a wife and momma who stays home to care for her family. All of her life, this is what she wanted to be, even when one of her favorite high school teachers told her that it would be such a waste of her talents. Her daddy was supportive of this goal, but insisted that she could stay at home WITH a college degree. So, she earned her accounting degree and is now married to a great man who loves her and loves that she wants to stay home with their three beautiful children. Find out more about Lisa at My Modern Country
christmas instagram contest

ETMB’s 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt!

To encourage you to get out and enjoy all that East Texas has to offer this time of year, we challenge you to a Christmas Scavenger Hunt!
kids art class studio

Art Class – A Great Option for Kids {Renaissance Southpaw Art Studio}

We all want our kids to find activities to enjoy and excel at, and I have found just the right activity for my middle child!  For the past month, she has been attending a...
Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday : One on One Time

As a parent of more than one child, we know that spending one on one time with our children is important. All kids enjoy this special time, but to some kids, it means everything! I...

Fourth of July Pinterest Round-up

        Pinterest has a wealth of ideas and information on almost any topic imaginable.  Here is a round-up of ideas from our Fourth of July Pinterest board to help you make the most out of...
Summer Book Club

Summer Book Club for Kids

A good friend had the brilliant idea to start a summer book club for kids.  It is a great way to keep kids interested in reading during the summer break from school. Starting your own...
field trips

“Field Trips” – Right Here in East Texas

One of my favorite summertime memories growing up was when Momma would take my brother and me on field trips in the summer.  One of the best was when we were in Houston to...
mother's day

For Momma ~ Mother’s Day Messages from My Kids

My Momma I love my momma.  Whenever I'm sick she is always right beside me.  She is always ready to help me when I need it.  She always does her best to be slow tempered,...
Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday ~ Exercise is Easier with a Friend

In our Fitness Friday post series, we hope to give you one tip each week that is helpful to us in reaching our fitness goals. Exercise is easier with a friend! Last summer, I participated in a...

It is NOT My Job to Make My Kids Happy

It is NOT my job to make my kids happy.  It IS my job to do what is best for them.  Sometimes these two align, but sometimes they don't. I am not a child psychology expert...

Hair Donation 101 – How to Cut and 9 Places to Donate

Last summer, my girls and I decided to donate our hair, after hearing from friends that were considering hair donation.  We are not used to short hair, so we waited over six months to...