Jennifer was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She and her husband, Chris, and their 3 kids Ian (11), Olivia (9), and Harper (4) are moving to the Tyler area in the summer of 2017! Jennifer has spent the better part of her adult life serving her local church. She and her husband have a passion for seeing the lost come to know Christ and have decided to dedicate their lives to this. In her down time, Jennifer enjoys being out and about with her family. Whether it's checking out new restaurants, new shops, traveling to new cities, or just going to the park, she's your girl. At the heart of it all, anywhere is fine, as long as family, friends, and coffee are there. You can catch all her family adventures at

Why I Won’t Allow My Kids to Date in High School | East Texas...

The other night I got a text from my daughter, "Mom, -------- asked me out." Are there any more dreaded words to hear from your child? You know that it will be an issue eventually,...
Goal Setting

Goal Setting: New Year – New Me? | East Texas Moms Blog

I've been thinking a lot about goal setting the last couple of weeks. I honestly can't say that I've made a "resolution" in years because I always forget about them. Rather than making resolutions in...

Our Christmas Tradition | East Texas Moms Blog

In our home, we have only one holiday tradition and that is an Advent Calendar.  People do these differently and I tend to switch mine up a little each year.  As a general rule...
Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday: Cookies | East Texas Moms Blog

So, I have a secret…I’m an obsessive cookie eater.  For years my husband and I would put our kids to bed, turn on our favorite show, and eat warm cookies straight out of the oven....

Making Intentional Memories | East Texas Moms Blog

There is one thing that happens every year that lets me know the fall season is upon us and that is the State Fair. The temps begin to level out and we begin to...
back to school

Routine: Back to School Edition

"And just like that… has started again.  We are newcomers to East Texas and so our summer looked a little different this year.  We’re all starting a new school year in a different town (STATE!) and I don’t know if it’s just me, but that makes me want to completely revamp everything I’ve done in years past.  New place=time to shake things up.  I stared at our schedule in the month of August and tried to make sense of what our life is going to be like as we add school back into our routine."