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stressed out

6 Ways to Live More Intentionally | East Texas Moms

"Are you tired, weighed down, having trouble completing tasks, overloaded, stressed out, foggy headed, forgetful, and longing for more quality time with your family and friends?"
financial planning

Planning Ahead with Davidson Law Group | East Texas Moms

We polled the Moms of East Texas Moms about what questions they had about Estate and Lifetime Planning. We spent some time with the Davidson Law Group to better understand what it means to...
male puberty

Something No One Told Me About Raising Boys | East Texas Moms

Names have been omitted to protect the embarrassed - It’s me - I’m embarrassed. When raising boys there are some things you hear over and over. They are noise with dirt on it. Fart jokes are...

Gumbo: Our Tex-Cajun Tradition | East Texas Moms

Written by Guest Contributor: Amy Thibodeaux The unique aroma hit me as I walked into my mother-in-law’s house ... a tantalizing combination of chicken stewing with garlic, onions and something I could not recognize. I...
Holiday Guide

ETX Yuletide Holiday Guide | East Texas Moms

Need things that are Merry and Bright? Fun and cheer for the kids? Need to get your scrooge husband off of the couch? We have just the thing to bring you Christmas Joy. Our...
Shop Local East Texas

ShopETX :: A Local Shopping Guide

This East Texas Shop Local Guide is a sponsored post. We reached out to each featured business included in this guide and also included a comprehensive list of suggested local businesses from our readers...
East Texas Moms

We Got A Facelift::New Look, New Name, Same Purpose | East Texas Moms

We've got some EXCITING News....ETMB is now East Texas Moms. Just 4 short years ago we launched East Texas Moms Blog with the goal of creating a parenting resource for the parents of East Texas....

Letter to Santa {Printable} | East Texas Moms

WE are excited that Santa is coming to town! Enjoy this cute printable with your kids to share the magic of Christmas! Click here for your FREE Letter to Santa Printable!    
football season

Football Season Survival Hacks | East Texas Moms Blog

Written by Guest Contributor: Amy Thibodeaux Colorful mums have arrived at the local nurseries and grocery stores, People are going nuts over anything pumpkin related. The sweater tote has been brought down from storage. These...

Self Care:: A Dad’s Perspective | East Texas Moms Blog

I didn’t really know what a complete mental breakdown looked like, but I knew is was just days away.  The word ‘meltdown’ felt more precise because that’s what it felt like; I was about...